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  1. 45 weeks post accutane Hi everyone. So my forehead has been pretty oily, and my pores are definitely looking larger. My skin has definitely lost that post accutane look where everything looks so good and smooth! That said, acne wise, things are okay. My forehead is manageable with nizoral, kind of. Funnily I took an oral thrush tablet last week and noticed an immediate clearance in my forehead. Coincidence? I doubt it. About two weeks ago, I decided to ditch my Wellwoman tablets
  2. 39 weeks post accutane Hi guys. I stopped taking doxycycline on 22nd March, so after about 4 weeks. It cleared the PD up a treat - however it started to creep back about 4/5 days later, so I’m trying to manage it with rozex gel. I’m also conscious both flare ups have been around time of the month, so it could also be that? Im battling really bad what looks like fungal acne on forehead again. Washing with nizoral shampoo every other day, but so far I’ve seen absolutely no results
  3. 35 weeks post accutane Hi everyone! So apart from a few closed comedones here and there, the return of blackheads to my nose, and oily skin... my skin has been okay actually However, I have experienced a big setback. A few weeks ago, I developed what I now know is perioral dermatitis. I knew it wasn’t acne at the rate it was spreading, but it still rocked me as I had to stop using all products, including my treclin gel! I’ve been taking minocycline and using rozex (antibacterial
  4. 25 weeks post accutane Hi all, Skin is slightly better overall. I managed to banish the forehead acne by binning the nizoral and using my treclin gel each night. So happy! ive still got about 4-5 closed comedones at any given time and usually one whitehead somewhere. That’s it. Manageable.
  5. 24ish weeks post accutane Hi everyone! So my routine remains the same: treclin gel every other night (ish) and well woman tablets. My skins not doing tooo marvellous right now. My forehead remains a really problematic area, lots of tiny red spots. Looks fungal but nizoral isn’t touching it? Closed comedone wise, I’ve got 4 on left chin, and a few on the edge of my face (don’t know how else to explain!) which is odd as I don’t usually get acne there? plan of action is to perseve
  6. 15 weeks post accutane Things are good on the closed comedone front. Skin is good although my forehead is oily and as a result I do get very tiny spots there. As well as taking well woman tablets (which seem to have increased my energy levels?) I’ve been using treclin gel for maintenance for nearly 2 weeks - but I’ve only used it three times as I’m phasing it in. So far so good
  7. That’s so good to hear! And you’re right, self acceptance is so important. I still struggle with it, but have gotten so much better. Just an update, although my skin has calmed down a bit (although it is starting to look rather oily now!), I have decided to start using my treclin gel for maintence. I put a very thin layer on my skin before bed. If my skin is okay with it I will try using it once more later in the week, I basically want to build it up slowly to daily. I also started tak
  8. 13 weeks post accutane. The flesh coloured bump on my jaw has shrunk but is very much still there. The closed comedones have calmed down a bit which has made me wonder if it was hormonal? That said, this week I’ve had quite a lot of blackheady type spots pop on the side of my face, near my ears and temple area? Again, everything comes and goes quickly but it’s still a bit annoying. My NHS appointment couldn’t have been more of a waste of time. They closed my case straight away an
  9. Thanks Pablo. 10 weeks post accutane. Im not having the best time right now. Last week (and the tail end of the week before that) I had very small whiteheads pop up one after another: one above lip, one below lip, and two on chin. They were small and disappeared very quickly so at any one time I only had one active one. However, today I’m on vacation and feel my jaw and feel a huge, flesh coloured, slightly itchy bump? A little tender to touch. Now it may not be acne at all, but i
  10. 8 weeks post accutane Hi everyone, sorry for delay! So last few weeks ive been living in that post accutane bliss when your skin is clear and you don’t need to worry about your products, diet, stress... bla bla bla, because your skin still looks great! Dont get me wrong, I’ve had spots since but they’ve been very VERY small whiteheads that come and go by themselves quickly. One issue I’ve noticed recently that may well have been there towards the end of my accutane course is spot
  11. Day 22 post accutane The two small whiteheads are going. The stubborn closed comedones are still around, bar one which I think is finally going after constant squeezing for probably 9+ MONTHS! My hair as of yesterday is feeling softer, but I have no idea if this is because of coming off accutane or use of new hair products!
  12. Thank you always nice to get that reassurance. Day 20 post accutane I had two very, very small whiteheads pop up above mouth yesterday. Nothing else to report.
  13. Day 16 post accutane Hi everyone. So the past two or three days lip wise have been perfect: been waking up and not even having to apply any balm whatsoever!? Only applying twice a day. However today they seem a little dryer for some reason, I’ve applied balm about 5 times or so. Skin: still good, but some concerns. Closed comedones still not budging (5 or so stubborn ones). Stuff comes out when squeezed, but they just refill. I have also had a weird clogged pore come up on my nose whi
  14. Day 12 post accutane Lips feel nearly back to normal! I keep forgetting to apply lip balm in the morning as my lips don’t feel like they need it? My chin is speckled in red dots. These are where I’ve squeezed closer comedones. Some of these marks are now flat and fading, but there are a few that are still active and so stubborn no matter what. also, concerningly, ive had two (albeit TINY!) whiteheads pop up near my mouth!! Hmmm!
  15. Day 10 post accutane Lips are getting drastically better now. I woke up this morning with normal looking lips, still haven’t applied any balm yet! I feel like this has more or less happened overnight. Skin feels so smooth and amazing. I still have three or four stubborn closed comedones that just refill when squeezed though!