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  1. Hi, Can I just check? Should that say 100mg a day or 10mg a day? 100mg seems alot! I'm about 210lbs and started treatment on 20mg a day and did a low dose, long term treatment....I stayed on 20mg a day for most of my 14months course to keep side effects low. 14months might sound a long time but when you average out to total cumulative dose it was more like a standard 6-7month course. The main different was, a had very few side effects. I really would consider speaking to your Derm again about
  2. Hi, Just wanted to add, have you looked a Neem soap/oil/cream?....Neem has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, Analgesic properties so might help the scars look less red? I also found adding too much moisturiser blocked my poors. Infact my Dermatologist told me to use as little as possible.... As the last poster mentioned..you might have to experiment a little to find what is best for you...this treatment is so individual...I didnt use moisturiser at all during my treatment but was on low dose
  3. It's all about finding the right balance for you. I'm no expert but I think every time we change dose, our skin needs to re-adjust. I stayed on low dose (20mg a day), for most of my course and found my skin stayed settled most of that time. Everyone is different and every treatment is individual but just give it chance and it should settle down.... Best wishes
  4. Accutane makes skin very sensitive. This is very common and likely will last for most of the treatment. I finished treatment 3 months ago and my skin is still sensitive and trying to find a gentle soap to help....Reading reports, skin can be more sensitive up to 3-6months after course finishes. Might be also worth you looking at your shampoo. I know it sounds strange but I've just changed to Johnsons baby shampoo as Head and shoulders shampoo was burning my skin....Dove soap is also meant to be
  5. Hi Thetwald, Just wanted to confirm, I'm also in the UK and just finished a 15month low dose(20mg) treatment, 3months ago. As it was a low dose, my total cumulative dose was still lower than most standard 6month courses. I spoke with my Dermatologist only last week and she said that she has patients that do long term, low dose(with no time limit) and was happy for me to carry on with low dose until I was ready to come off treatment, if that was what I wanted. (as long as my bloods were ok) T
  6. Washer, do you buy all those listed items separate or can you buy them as one supplement? thanks again
  7. Thanks mate...appreciate your help! You've convinced me to give it a go!;)
  8. Appreciate your reply....many thanks! Do you mind me asking how many drops you put in 4oz water? thanks again EDIT: I have found this on Amazon UK but its 12% Solution? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00A25GCLO/ OR....is this the one you use? https://www.amazon.co.uk/J-CROWS-Lugols-Solution-Iodine-5/dp/B001PN3BUW/
  9. Just finished a course of Accutane and looking into doing a more natural options to keeping my oil/acne pore skin under control. Never heard of the 2 natural remedies Lugols Iodine and Neem until started reading up on them a few days ago....but seem to have excellent results with no side effects as all natural. It seems both can be taken externally or internally. Anyone have any positive results from either of these? Thanks again and appreciate any replies..
  10. Washer just been reading up on Lugols....seems difficult to get here in UK in tablet form but Neem orally seems to do a similar job? Would appreciate if you could tell me how you use Lugols Iodine to treat your acne? (drops in a glass of drinking water or direct onto skin) Thank you
  11. Hi, try not to let yourself get too stressed...this doesnt help! Yes, its normal to have an initial breakout within the first few weeks of starting treatment. Accutane is pushing all the unwanted stuff out of your system. Some people start on a low dose to keep side effects as low as possible. If you are uncomfortable, it might be worth you talking to your derm about dropping to 20mg a day but this initial breakout happens to many people while starting treatment so isnt anything to worry about.
  12. Hi Clareb78, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm in the UK and was on a low dose for 15months (20mg a day) so my total amount over the course of the treatment was still lower than some over the standard 6month course. My derm was more than happy for me to then go on a low maintenance course of one or two 20mg tablets a week, if that's what I wanted. In fact when I spoke to the derm this week, she confirmed that she has other patients that have done, long term, low maintenance treatment, so I got
  13. Hi Washer, Thanks for your reply! I never started taking accutane expecting it to be the 100% "cure" but while on treatment, its been the only thing that could control my very oily skin and acne so from that standpoint, it did work.....saying that, if a better, easier and safer option is available, I'm open to looking into it and dont have a closed mind...I've spent 25 years with this issue with my skin, so have tried so many creams and antibiotics...I've lost count. Thanks for mentioning
  14. Hi Washer, Thanks for your reply...appreciate it! I've used Panoxyl 10 (Benzoyl Peroxide) on and off for most of the last 25 years, which always seems to help dry the acne up and do a good job but it never tackled the route of the problem, like accutane did....(very oily skin) Happy to give my skin time to settle before trying anything else but didnt know if Derms would normally give accutane users "something to treat breakouts after course finishes". Do you know if this "adjustment" is nor
  15. Just need a general bit of advice please... I finished a long term(15months) - low dose(20mg a day) treatment of accutane 10 weeks ago. Treatment went really well. Very little side effects, other than dry skin, dry lips etc and skin was mostly clear for most of those 15months. About 3 weeks after stopping treatment I started getting breakouts. My skin still isnt as oily as before treatment but acne did return. It feels like my pores all started working again at the same time! The breakout fir