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  1. im 25 and was completly clear my whole life until i was 24 and then my face exploded. Still searching for an explanation
  2. yeah i had cysts and every other type of zit. i would get these real deep painfull ones that hurt so bad and wouldn't go away forever
  3. it is. it will go back and forth for awhile. youll clear up, then break out again, then break out again but not as bad, then clear up for longer........ etc. its gradual but there will be a day when you wake up with no active zits. its worth it stick with it
  4. Ok its been three months on tazorac and im clear. this was from moderate to severe acne that i tried EVERYTHING on except accutane. I read alot of peopl failing with tazorac and most of it is dryness,redness,peeling related. So i just wanted to explain how i did it while avoiding ALL these side effects about 95 percent. First of all, start by using it every other night for two weeks, then go to two days on 1 off for another couple weeks then 3 on and one off. then everynight after bout two month
  5. ok so i here everyone talk about using cetaphil moisteriser so i went out and bought some because the taz i use drys me out but when i use it it burns when i put it on. After about 10 minutes the burning goes away. should i stop using it?
  6. since guys dont have to worry about the pregnancy issue, is it easier to get and fill prescriptions for accutane. Do guys have to enroll in ipledge. also are the ipledge laws different in different states?
  7. if taz cleared me up after 4 weeks(no active acne at all) and then after 5 weeks im breaking out again, does this mean its not working anymore? is this normal?
  8. have you tried tazoracwhile on antibiotics? before i started antibiotics no topical would work but since ive been on them for awile the tazorac now works. with topicals you HAVE to give it 3 months before you can say it doesn't work. it makes it alot worse at first but then gets better
  9. have you tried tazorac yet? my doc gave it to me rather than accutane it sucked the first couple weeks cause its real drying but after a month it works really good. i know how you feel. its a really hard thing to deal with. someone that never goes through it will never know what kind of emotional damage it does. you are not worthless, you simply have a skin disease that you have no control over. its hard to be positive i know but ya gotta hang in there.
  10. ive tried everything except accutane for my adult acne(25 yr old male) its been so emotionaly painfull for me to have this disease, it ruined two years of my life. the derm wouldn't give me accutane cause of depression so he gave me tazorac instead. it sucked real bad for the first few weeks but i stuck it out by using every other day at first and using moistureiser twice a day. now 4 weeks later not only is my acne 90% gone but it made my skin stop being oily and uneven. so not only does it loo
  11. the diareah is a side effect of the antibiotic in the duac and requires you to stop using it. it seems excessive for you to be on it anyway cause taz w/ mino will clear u up good if ypu stick with it faithfully. stop using the duac and call your doctor.
  12. switch to tazorac it works so much better it was a godsend for me
  13. thats pretty normal for starting a retinoid. Im on tazorac which is also a retinoid and ill tell ya what i did to combat the side effects. start by using it every other day. before you use it wash your face and apply moistureiser and wait half an hour. when you get up wash your face and put moisteriser on again. after a couple weeks use it two days on, one day off. after a month try every day. doing this prevented most of the dryness and peeling for me altough i got a little red and irritated at
  14. hi ive been reading these boards for quite a while now but haven't reaaly posted much or gotten to know anyone yet. But this website has helped me get through the roughest time of my life. Im a 25 yr old male. i had very light acne as a teenager but it cleared up when i turned 18 or so. I graduted school without a hitch and went on to become a succesfull sales supervisor for sprint. when i tyurned 24 out of nowhere my face broke out in severe cystic acne. I can't understand why it happened, my f