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  1. wow you have an amazing display pic! i like ;)

    welcome to org!

  2. thats the most promising thing ive ever heard... but 1.10 tablets is very vague idea....plz specify the milligrams! 2.when you say you dump the tea bag leaves....err where do you dump..in the paste or in the dustbin? coz i think you are using the squeezed water from that bag....i am sorry if i sound dumb,but interpretations vary! 3.can you plz tell some help to remove the white spots left from vovacious acne...lol...but they appear like spots from LEUKODERMA...i mean just as an example of how te
  3. ooh...thats so sweet....i am almost crying, i wish the girl i proposed was like the one you all have here... but anyways,whatever happens happens for gud! good job!
  4. i see you are pretty bold..but you know what..i like that...

  5. hhhmmmmmmm...... is there an option to peek from top into the photographs on acne.org...lol
  6. .......you shudnt have told that it was make up....other than that..i can say just this ....