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  2. i have darkish skin so my red marks are a bit browner. i was wondering does the sun make them go darker or help heal them. i start accutane this week and will be on it through spring and start of summer so what should i do about sun cuz i don''t wanna become a hermit? lots of sunscreen? is there any non-comodegenic sunscreens out there whichj also moisturise? cheers
  3. sup, if the cysts are getting pretty inflamed get a hold of dexmeethesone or predisnone to stop inflammation ccuz it could scar worse. in regards to school, peers are often absolute dickheads about acne. i never had acne in high school and gave lots of shit to people with acne. 3 years after i'm the only one with acne....HOWS THAT FOR KARMA!!! lucky now being an adult people have matured and just don't say shit about it but yeah your son is probably copping a lot of insultss from people at s
  4. aweseme bro and ur not even two months in!!! how long are you gonna keep taking it. the longer the better i reckonz
  5. doesn't omega 3-6-9 all contain vitamin A though???????????
  6. no offense but............you are a huge *edit by mod* ........no one can die from a nosebleed
  7. what about smoking weed?????? does taking ecstacy harm your liver aswell i need to know otherwise i'm gonna be bored shitless while on tane
  8. dairy don't mean shit i had milk every day....drank lots of alcahol, went int he sun etc and it didn't make a difference. however don't expect to be cured if you have nodular acne....it will eventually come back
  9. takes about a month to see results don't get too stoked though...its not permanent and then it comes back with a vengeance though btw take probiotics aswell because minocycline kills good bateria aswell as bad bacteria. when it eventually stops working get prepared to go on accutane if it starts coming back worse cuz that will be the only option left good luck
  10. right i start tane in a week and i was wondering do u guys reckon these would be cool to take: vit E + C : i hear they're good for helping the skin heal better and stay strong not scar etc zinc: zinc to help the dead skin shed faster etc not block up pores???????? is that wot it does..not sure myself Milk thistle: for the liver cuz i plan on drinkin a bit but not as much as now tho haha no way anything else you guys recommend? what about washes or something to help heal pigmenmtat
  11. ditto...whats good. i have darkish skin so my redmarks are a little more browner
  12. haven't done it but if i were you just do it then you'll be clear to have the best summer ever and when u go back to school you'll be looking better than ever!!! one think i've learnt over my years............don't delay getting tane...its best to just get it out of the way and move on with life
  13. this is soooooooooo stupid you vomited three times in one day?????????? thats more vomiting in a day than anyone would do on a whole course of accutane. u are killing yourself retard this readson your vommiting is because YOU ARE POISONING YOURSELF!!!! not to mention this is going to cost you heaps of money...not just for the vitamins but for the ambulance and hospital bills aswell!
  14. yo brian i also weigh the exact same as you and going on the same amount of tane!!! if ur log is any indication of how it will go for me i will be fucking stoked. so when did the IB start? i'm a film student and am acting in a movie so i hope it doesn't go too bad to start with cuz i'll be on tane for the last 2 weeks of filming!!!!!
  15. hahaha yea i think accutane will be good for me cuz i can finally get cleaned up on the inside no more drugs and alcahol for 4 months and then come summer BAM!!!!! i'm gonna be so fucked up and don't have to worry about it all coming out my pores the next day