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    I love making soaps and bath products that help sooth and heal skin conditions such as: allergy sufferers, eczema, sensitive skin, psoriasis, acne, and so much more. All of my products are created with the best all natural/organic ingredients.
  1. Hello, I read your post and I understand how frustrating it can be to moisturize problematic skin. I know so many dermatolgists recommend Neutrogena for skin care because it is the lesser harmful products readily available in your local store. I have been creating soap and bath products for a couple years now and have done many countless years of my own research and have learned a lot about the skin and various skin care products. I have found that everything our skin needs comes from what
  2. Hello Everyone, I stumbled upon this site and was so intrigued by the postings on the forums I've read. I was wondering how many people on this forum have tried using all natural soaps (handmade soaps made with only all natural ingredients), and how many have used synthesized soaps for treating acne? When I speak of synthesized I am referring to products such as Neutrogina, Dove, Ivory, Irish Spring, Aveeno, etc... Just curious.... LCSoap "Do one thing every day that makes you hap