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  1. I stopped using the Neutrogena acne products and I have switched to using C&C ance production for little over one month and I have much much better result. I would say Neutrogena acne products are border on crap. I have used Neutrogena ance products for years and they did nothing for my face except alot of big red pimples and ance scars left behind. I wish I have know C&C products along time ago. I did think that by getting the more expensive products are better for me because they
  2. I watched the show tonight and her face was greatly improved but the doctor said she only had couple scars and in the end after all of the work on her face. Some of the scars on her face still there and they put alot of makeup over to cover them. I am not sure if anyone notice but it seem the camera guy did not show her face up closed. I do think the doctors did a great job on her face and body too. Money can not buy perfection but it could come close.
  3. Hi Botchla I just want to say thank you very much. I have followed your advise and start using the C&C blackhead clearing scrub and the C&C continuous control acne cleanser. I have on your regiment for about 1 month now and it is working out really great for my skin. I am almost 90% clear and my face does not look this good in years. I have stopped using the Neutrogena stuff (I agreed with you it is crap, I used it for years and it did nothing for my face, except alot of big red p
  4. After reading all the good posts about MA, I ordered the 10% MA and I have started using it 2 days ago. I can not believe how fast this stuff make my skin peel. it started peeling within 1 hr or so. Is this normal? or I have applied to much MA on my face. It have not experience any burning at all, I have mild ance and I hoped this stuff will clear it too. But it is too soon to tell. Thanks
  5. I bought my B5 from Swanson and I have been on it for about 10 day now. I had notice a large reduction of oil on my face already. I am using 2 grams per day plus the B5 from my B-Complex vitamins. I have not try the other brand so I don't know which one is the best, but this Swanson B5 seem to work for me. Hope this will help you /