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  1. Nick8ouch

    How I stay clear!

    Hi! My skin is still a little dry, mostly on my cheeks, and I'm almost 2 years post accutane. I get flaky skin there from time to time. So I just remove them with a washcloth. Other than that, I have no problem after accutane. I didn't take a high dose, only 10 mg for 6 months.
  2. Nick8ouch

    How I stay clear!

    Hey! I just wash my face in the shower with warm water once a day, I don't put any product on my face. When I shave, I use an electric shaver. Hope this help you! Good luck
  3. Nick8ouch

    Bad lighting

    Public bathroom lights (like in school or in stores) are the worst!!! Sometimes I think I have good skin, but then I go inside those, and I can see all the smallest red marks becoming bright red...
  4. Time is the only healer for red marks (or laser if you can afford it). Patience is key! Just be as gentle as possible so you don't irritate them. I don't think differin is gonna do much for you, because your problem seems to be broken capillaries (PIE) and not hyperpigmentation (PIH).
  5. The marks will fade with time. Time is the only ''cure''. Also, tanning is bad for your skin. You should always stay away from the sun and embrace your natural skin tone. If you have to go out in the sun, use protection!
  6. Nick8ouch

    39 year old male cystic acne cured

    Yesss! Electric foil shavers are the best if you are prone to ingrowns and acne. I had the same experience as you. When I switched from razor to electric, I saw the difference immediatly after only a few days. I also think they do a pretty good job at cutting the hair close to the skin, but not below so you won't get ingrowns. You just have to shave once a day and you're good to go + it takes less preparation and saves you so much time.
  7. Nick8ouch

    1.5 Years Post Accutane (Pics)

    Thanks! I give all the credit to TIME. I've done nothing to try removing my red marks, you just have to give it time to fade. It will, I assure you! Accutane will take care of your acne.
  8. Hey! I've not been posting in a while so I figured out I might come back and tell you about my skin post accutane. I finished accutane last year in April. I was on 10 mg for 4 months, and then 10-20 mg in alternance for 2 months (6 months total). My acne was pretty mild and accutane got rid of it but only after I finished the course. It's been a long time since I had a pimple. When I finished accutane, my skin was very dry (and I only took 10 mg). It's only now that my skin start to produce a
  9. Nick8ouch


    Time is the only thing that ''cures'' them... or laser if you're rich. I have some myself and I know it sucks but we can't do much, we just have to wait until they fade. I know that they make you feel down, but those will fade with time. Don't use too harsh products on your face. The less products you use, the better. For me, using only water on my skin is the best thing I could do to it. You don't have to do the same, but just stay away from the harsh chemicals. Btw, you're not ugly, even with
  10. Nick8ouch

    How I stay clear!

    I finished accutane 10 months ago. I was on 10 mg/day for 6 months. My acne was mild and only on my face. After the course, I was still breaking out a little and I didn't know why. My regimen during the first half of the course was spectro jel or cetaphil, but the last 3 months, I gave up on any products because everytime I put products on my face, I get new pimples. The only thing I was using is water and shaving cream every 2 days. It's been a year since I started the water regimen and I ca
  11. Nick8ouch

    Spot Acne Treatment

    Hey thanks for the quick reply lol! So do you think that tactuo is good as spot treatment? I think it contains 2.5% bp and 0.1% adapalene. I guess it does the job but I was scared about the bp being too harsh for the skin. If it's not bad then I guess I can use it as spot treatment.
  12. Hey! I'm wondering what are you guys using for spot treatment? I'm currently using Tactuo as spot treatment. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist because I don't have many pimples. I've heard that the bp is supposedly bad for the skin and that tea tree oil will act the same way as the bp and is less harsh. Do any of you have some suggestions? I would love to hear your thoughts! Have a nice day everyone!
  13. Only time will heal these or laser if you have money!
  14. Nick8ouch

    Caveman Regimen and Exfoliation

    Thanks for your reply! I'm still going to use the water regimen/shaving cream. Also I'm going to add the washcloth once a week just to exfoliate any dead skin cells! I hope that my red marks are going to fade soon because they've been there for a really long time. Some people say that the red marks take 6-12 months after accutane to start fading, but I'm pretty sure they were there before starting accutane. There's not much I can do to fade them except for waiting... Unfortunately, patience is n
  15. I finished accutane in early April (in two weeks it will be 7 months after my course). Also, it's been 8 months into my water only regimen. The only thing I do is using shaving cream when I'm shaving. Recently, I bought an exfoliator (Neutrogena) because I was having some problems with dead skin and whiteheads (2). I never ever get pimples since I've finished accutane. BUT, I've bought the cleanser in the same line as the exfoliator from Neutrogena, because I still have red marks and since the c