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  1. Hey Guys, I have a question and I would really appreciate your advice I've always used neutragena 2.5% BP (for about a year) but they've stopped selling it in my city! I'm planning on switching to Dan's 2.5% BP. Do you think I might breakout at first or have a problem with the switch. Does anyone have experience with this and can help me out?? Thanks Everyone! Jen
  2. Hello everyone, I am starting the CSR and I wanted to see if anyone has an opinion on Moisturel lotion as a moisturisor. Below if the directions and ingredients which I copied from the internet. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time and give me your advice. Here's the info below... Moisturel Package Details -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dry Sensitive Skin Formula Effectively Heals & Moisturizes Fragrance Free Prot
  3. DO NOT AVOID MILK!!!! Maybe it will help clear up your acne, and I really doubt it. Milk is one of the most natural products there is, just think of breast milk (the first thing a baby is fed). For all the women out there, milk is vital to our health and helps support the creation and maitinance of strong bones. Cutting out milk may not affect your health now, but when you go through menapouse (spelling?) it will. I'm not claiming to be a doctor but I know from what I heard that milk is vitalto
  4. Perhaps what you are saying about the liver is true, but I never heard that before. And I am doubting this because if it is liver related then you would have acne your whole life, not begining with puberty. Also, ance goes away completely for some people, does that mean their liver healed itself some way. I just don't buy the liver thing
  5. Have you tried neosporine (polysporine in CDN) for your redmarks. You probably want to wait until the regime clears you up becuase it might interfer. But after a couple of months on the regime you should give it a try. Just rub in a small amount on your redmarks 1-2 a day and you will see improvements in a couple months or less. If you search neosporine on this site you will find lots of people who have had success with it. PS- treat the girl you like like a princess and she won't even notice th
  6. Thanks for the advice. I haven't washed my brush yet so I will do that immediately.
  7. Wooga, That was a very inspirational post. I bet it really helped give people some confidence back.
  8. Hello everyone, I just started the jessfoliation and neo regime 7 days ago (too early to report progress) and I have a question. Should I incorporate BP into the regime ie wash with panoxyl 5%bp and use panoxyl 5%bp gel for spot treatment. Or has anyone had success incorporating anything else into the jessfoliation regime? Thanks for the help, Jen I wish everyone clear skin!!
  9. I feel the exact same way as you... will acne ever go away. I mean go away by it's self not because i'm on some regime. Unfortunately I don't have an answer, but your not alone. Both my parents had acne when they were young and their skin is clear. My bro still has acne and he is 22. I guess we just have to be patient and let acne run its course!
  10. Maybe some of the cause of acne can be attributed to bowles, but the majority is probably genes. Some people just don't get acne despite what they eat or how they treat their skin.
  11. I know that Dan recommends not adding anything to the regime until you are completely clear. I would follow that advice and wait to try and efoliate. It might be too much for your skin to be exfoliated and then have that much BP on it, which really dries out the skin. So I would say be patient and wait.
  12. My old regime was exactly as Dan prescribed... I would shower and wash my face with neutragena oil free acne wash get dressed and clean my room (which took about 10 min) Wash my hands Apply loads of neutragena on the spot 2.5%BP Then I would eat breakfast and dry my hair while the BP dried Then wash my hands again Apply Moisturel (noncondogenic) moisture Repeat all steps except last two at night I am 100% positive that I have not slacked or changed the regime in any way. I'm 20 now and was 19
  13. I just started using the polysporine a week ago so I can't be resistant to it already. I do use the panoxyl aqua gel (also just started a week ago). Is there another BP you would suggest. I used neutragena on the spot 2.5% BP for the last year so I though I would upgrade the strengh. Thanks for the comments!
  14. I could be completely wrong, but I did read that your skin can become resistant to the BP. The article said that you may have to increase the strength of the BP over time. But like I said, I could be wrong Thanks for the suggestion and I did visit the common mistakes link. But I can honestly say I did the regime in its totality every single day. Even if I can home at 3 in the morning completely drunk (which isn't often) I would still rub bp into my skin for like 10 minutes. My boyfriend always