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  1. Man! It's been two months since my last update and I'm glad to say that I'm completeley acne-free. I still have superficial scars and some redness, but I learned to accept them. Hopefully they will clear up with time. My face is no longer as dry during the treatment, but I noticed the significant reduction in the amount of oil. Good thing I have spare accutane that I can use just in case I relapse (but by the looks of it, it seems unlikely). Accutane is really a wonder drug. It saved my f
  2. I never realized that I haven't posted updates for the past 29 days or so. Anyways, skin looks great today! I can say I'm like 90% clear now with only 3-4 zits healing on my lower jaw. Good thing the Fall weather is slowly catching in since my face looks pink (and very red after workout). I have a natural tan and it looks really weird... IHowever, my joints hurt once in a while and its hard for me to run 30 minutes straight. I'm 2/3 on my treatment and I didn't regret one thing taking accu
  3. I'm glad accutane is doing its job. Wait til you reach the halfway mark and you will be more than surprised. You should wash your face at least 2 times a day to remove the dead skin cells from your face that can block your pores. Just don't forget to moisturize afterwards to prevent flaking.
  4. I'm sorry you're feeling down lately. Just like you said its an up & down experience . Maybe that's just the stress from the possibility of taking a new job. I hope all the best for you and I'm sure you will feel a lot better about your skin and yourself when you move back and follow what your heart says!
  5. Day 74 Rant School has been ok so far except for the annoying freshies parading around campus. I surely learned my lessons and I definitely won't procastinate and I would instead do advance readings for a change. Let's hope the next 15 weeks will be like this. Update I feel my skin is as smooth as a baby (mminus the bumps that are taking forever to be removed). Face is oil-free for the past 2 months now. No big acne forming just 1 or 2 that will dry up immediately. Lips are really dryin
  6. you're using too many medications on your face. accutane and a good moisturizer should do its job!
  7. K, Thanks for the kind words! Though skin is improving, stress levels are still high. I'm happy for you about the guy ... I hope things develope from there Day 69 Rant Broke! Spent somewhere around 400 bucks for all my books. Good thing I ordered them online and I saved a LOT. Three days before school starts, and I have to enjoy luxury of doing nothing! Update Nothing new to report. Skin is improving daily but the red marks takes forever to fade.
  8. ^ The sad thing about education in this country is that schools focus too much on grades. It does not measure a student's comprehension and ability to learn, rather it measures how well someone studies for an exam. All things aside, unfortunately my GPA is a complete mess right now. I need to pull at least a 3.7 this semester to make my GPA competetive.
  9. Day 65 Rant Fall semester starts next Monday and my stress levels are still on max level. Thankfully the financial aid debacle is over, and I just have to worry about my books. After being depressed last Spring, I need to work 100 times harder and raise my GPA if I want to go into med school. Update No new suckers forming and face is improving every day. Nothing dramatic to report, but my skin looks a lot better now than 2 months ago. My patience is finally paying off...
  10. Day 60 Rant I'm happy that the dental problems came into conclusion today, except for a hygiene appointment in a week. Need to extract 3 more wisdom teeth early next year (dental insurance already maxed out). School starts in 2 weeks and been stressed because of financial aid. They didn't process my loan and I may lose $2200 in grants. Update Face is improving greatly considering how bad it is from last week. No new acne forming and the suckers are now drying leaving red marks (the hydro
  11. Accutane which is a derivative from vitamin A is fat soluble. Your body will absorb 'tane better when you take it with food. Also, accutane is a very potent drug and alcohol will give extra burden on your kidney. Drinking may decrease the efficacy of the drug, or worse can elevate your triglyceride levels and making you vulnerable to other diseases like hepatitis.
  12. Glad you're skin is improving since we started riughly at the same time. My skin hasn't been that great lately because of my lack of exercise. I also have somewhat like an eczema on my upper arm. I am treating it with an OTC hydrocortisone, and accutane exacerbates the condition making it uber itchy.
  13. Going to the dentist on accutane is horrible. My skin around my mouth was rubbed off by my dentist when he had to fix some caveties. just make sure you moisturize your lips really well ... i stayed at home after the extraction so i put a lot of aquaphor... thankfully my lips are now manageable
  14. K, I had the extraction today and it wasn't as horrible from the last time. My last extraction was the most painful thing I had experienced since the dentist was forced to yank out the pus-filled swollen molar (anesthesia did not work at all). Day 53 Face is healing from another breakout onslaught (there were about 5 nasty suckers on the left cheek). The other zits are drying but leaving red marks as expected. I added an exfoliant with .01% tretinoin/2% hydroquinone to get rid of em. On
  15. K, I'd rather walk in molten lava than endure another tootache. Apparently the wisdom tooth is pushing my molar that causes the pain. I had a root canal and I'm scheduled to have my 2 wisdom teeth extracted.