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  1. Nope i dont take roids. Im only taking minicycline for one month and then a weaker antibiotic for 2 months after. im almost 18 and have mild-mod. acne.
  2. So if im on minicycline and it clears me up. When i finish taking them will my acne come back like before or has anyone seen lasting results with them?
  3. A fresh scab fell off and left a lil hole under it. Im worried that it will turn into a scar. Any tips on what i can put on it to help it heal while it is fresh???? please
  4. Sorry for being so stupid but i have another quick question. If i go on it this year will the insurance not cover it anymore when the new year starts or do i pay for it all this year.
  5. alright thanks! Ill just go to the derm and first see if i can get it or not. Yeah ours is 5000 dollars and we went way over it this year.
  6. Alright im 16/17 years old and have very mod. acne if not worse. So i have a few questions before i go to my derm for the first time..... Lets say I could get accutane......How does the insurance work with it? Will insurance cover it or not? does it vary? I was in the hospital this year and met our deductible. Just wondering? thanks a lot
  7. hey yeah i bought the 6 month supply. In a few days i will be starting my last month. My shoulders have cleared up nice...before i had 6-10 pimples and now its down to 1 or 2. my face has gotten a little better. Not by the number but size. Ill let you know when im all down in a month.
  8. Yeah. It works really well. What i do is pop them right before bed....then put it on right after. it seems to help a lot. It seems to make them heal really fast and less redness.
  9. I say pop when u see a head at night...then put tons of Neo. on it overnight. I really really works. try it
  10. Hey i just got done with my first bottle. my acne is doing pretty well. A couple of pimples here and there but it is working a little bit. I really noticed that the pimples i get are much smaller than before. Plus spots i used to get bad acne in are not bad now. Let you know when im done with my second bottle.
  11. DBOHL


    Been taking it for 2.5 weeks and it seems to be clearing up my skin a little bit already. Ill let u know how it is working after a month or so.
  12. How long are you going to be taking Zinc?
  13. Im still not close to being done with my first bottle but my face is pretty clear. Im getting 1/4 of the pimples I got before. Is it possible its working this quick? WoW! ihatemylife how is your back and face doing? I cant wait to see how clear my face can get. Ill be happy if I keep this result after like 2 1/2 weeks. Ill let you know if anything changes.
  14. Yeah I have been taking it for a couple of weeks. My face hasnt broke out as bad as it has before. Ill let you know when im done with my first bottle. Keep it up. It will take time before it works. How long are you taking it for? I bought a 6 month supply.
  15. B5 and Acuzine. I heard b5 has worked for many people. I have never tried it. I went to google and typed in alternative of accutane and after some research I found acuzine. The were many mixed reviews for it. Some said it worked wonders and others said it didnt do much. I bought the 6 month supply because they have a 6 month money back GUARANTEE! I have been using it for a week and a half and I havent had any problems.