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  1. It's cold-pressed castor oil that you find in a bottle at any health store. Several hours before bed, I put it all over my face, but especially the acne-prone areas. It's really gross and sticky and I have to keep hands from wanting to scratch my face, but by bedtime I just sleep with it on and by the morning it's mostly soaked into the skin or dried. My skin feels nice and smooth by morning. My entire right cheek has been healing up very well, but my left cheek is still being stubborn. Castor o
  2. For the females here, how do you balance out your cycles and hormones to stop hormonal acne? I've started taking lots and lots of vitamins lately, things like B5, B6, garlic, and acidopholus to help get my acne under control. But every now and then I still get a bad break out. This is just all so very annoying! ugh! Any suggestions?
  3. Hey, I don't know if this has been recommended before, but castor oil has worked wonderfull for me. I've been using it every night for a month and there is a noticeable decrease in my acne and scars. Has anyone else tried this? If so, what do you think? The only problem I have is that I think I may have hormonal acne because despite the healing wonders of castor oiil, I'm never fully able to stop my breaking out because of the changes in my hormones. But I do enjoy castor oil because I just need
  4. Does anyone have a safe and gentle way to disguise redness on face or red marks? I'm just wondering because I'm going out next weekend and I don't really want to wear makeup to cover up. Is there anything that is safe to apply to my face that may keep it looking clear enough for a weekend trip? Or is there a brand of foundation or makeup that is okay to use for sensitive skin?
  5. So by cold treatments, can I use a bag full of ice or something and put it next to my cheek? I just want to bring a stop to the redness. I just don't know what you'd recommend by the use of cold treatments. I appreciate your help though.
  6. Okay, thank you But what do you mean by a heat compress and a cold compress? And do I use them both, like one after the other?
  7. Are there any quick ways to get rid of an annoying and very obvious pimple on my left cheek? It's embarrassing enough dealing with red marks. I have a party planned in a week and I would at least not have to worry about a big obnoxious pimple on my face. Is there any way to bring it down in size and get rid of it without making the area surrounding it irritated and all red??? Please help!
  8. I already mentioned this on your other post about the ACV regimen, but whenever I steam my face, it breaks out like crazy (my skin is naturally oily). So should I try this? Or is your skin supposed to break out after doing this since it brings the impurities to surface? For the past two months I've just been applying ACV on a cotton ball five times a day. I've noticed some of my red marks fading, but I still break out a but and it hasn't cured me all the way. I'm just confused and don't know how
  9. Hey Moojamba, sounds amazing! I really want to try it but I'm having a hard time taking ACV. I just need to think about clear skin while I take it so it becomes bearable. haha! So does it really clear you up a lot in 2 weeks??? Is that really true? I'm looking for something that's going to be that effective. I realize my face won't be 100% clear, but will there be a noticeable difference and less breakouts?? Another question...why does it have to be organic? Is it okay if I just try, for example
  10. I realize that. But if I started drinking ACV everyday starting today - would I see good results in the next three weeks? Anyone???? Three weeks to a month doesn't seem last-minute....but to me it is. It always seems like a have a small break out every week or two and I want to know how to prevent it and to get rid of the red marks before I attend a special meeting. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I was wondering what are some good last-minute ideas to do to bring down a recent breakout when you are just a few weeks or days away from a big party that you've planned? It always seems like I break out just before an important date or weekend party that I plan and it's so humiliating to have to be around your friends in such an awful state. Any good tips or ideas? I've heard that drinking and applying ACV will help? But how often? And will I see good enough results in three weeks to a month??
  12. I've been using Aloe Vera gel for almost two weeks now and I've noticed my face breaking out in small areas. Did the same happen for you when you first applied it? Also, I don't know if it's just the brand of AV gel that I bought, but after applying it, my face feels a little tight...almost like the AV gel is drying out my face instead of moisturizing it. But the back of the bottle says it moisturizes. So, I don't know what to think! haha! One question...have you noticed that moisturizing red