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  1. STOP RANTING!! or i will delete every one of your posts. this is not on topic. it is clutteringthe thread. you say the same thing OVER and OVER
  2. Splitting Thread here. Science based posts and test results only. any bullshit posts will be deleted. This thread has gotten so bad with useless posts that have nothing to do with repairing the damage. its just pure venting now.
  3. Do NOT take it, you will never be normal again.
  4. http://www.biolab.co.uk/index.php/cmsid__biolab_test/Vitamin_B1_(Thiamine)_-_transketolase_activity if anyone is in the UK you can order this test. @indigorush would be ironic if you were the one to get this test.
  5. DO NOT TAKE ACCUTANE. you will 1000% have future joint problems. and they are horrific
  6. Retinoic acid = decreased Transketolase (thiamine deficiency) Accutane inhibits hippocampal neurogenesis by using up the NADPH reducing cofactor... Thiamine NADPH needed as a CYP26A cofactor for retinoic acid detoxification. NADPH (B1) and FAD (B2) cofactors should be promoted. Proteomic approach reveals novel targets for retinoic acid-mediated therapy of thyroid carcinoma. Our previous studies demonstrated that retinoic acid (RA)-induced reduction of both, the
  7. Looking too far down the chain. too far out on the branches of symptoms. i.e. putting eye drops in for dry eye symptoms isnt going to help you solve the real problem, Vitamin K2 has nothing to do with the activation of CYP26 or any other CYP enzyme needed specifically for all trans retinoic acid detoxification. its not a co-factor. However Thiamine is a co-factor to produce K2 (menaquinones ) so anything related to a K2 deficiency could be just the missing cofactor. Thiamine is a c
  8. anyone with longterm symptoms has something wrong somewhere in the chain. if theres a conclusive test out there, why not use it? why guess?
  9. this would be the test to confirm Erythrocyte Transketolase: The Test of Choice for Assessing Thiamine Deficiency http://www.hormonesmatter.com/thiamine-deficiency-testing-understanding-labs/
  10. http://synergyhw.blogspot.com/2015/06/thiamine-gut-health-immune-system-and.html http://synergyhw.blogspot.com/2015/04/nadph-folate-cycle-and-adrenal-function.html NADPH oxidase and thyroid function An interesting aspect of the NADPH oxidase system is that it plays a major role in thyroid function. Thyroid hormone synthesis is dependent on NADPH in both the thyroid and the liver. In the thyroid, two separate NADPH oxidase systems are used to generate free radicals, particularly hydrogen
  11. the CYP26A enzyme responsible more than any other in detoxifying excess ATRA (which isotretinoin gets isomerized to in the body) is NADPH dependent.
  12. NADPH ISOTRETINOIN FINASTERIDE connection. we need to increase NADPH. 60% of our NADPH is made through the Thiamine dependant the pentose pathway. Diagnostic use[edit] Red blood cell transketolase activity is reduced in deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1), and may be used in the diagnosis of Wernicke's encephalopathy and other B1-deficiency syndromes if the diagnosis is in doubt.[8] Apart from the baseline enzyme activity (which may be normal even in deficiency states), accelerati
  13. up to 1500mg has been discussed. starting at a lower dose...and moving up. allthiamine cream is transdermal and gets around the whole digestive tract. it also crosses the blood brain barrier. this has been used successfully in autistic children. people have used both b complex and thiamine by itself read up on Dr Lonsdale. he is the expert in B1. I think its a transporter problem..and you really need to saturate the serum. some things you have to watch with thiamine... magnesium
  14. Dysautonomia brought me this.... I think we have an acquired form of this that produces so many different symptoms. Moreover, we cannot detoxify. Not unlike the women who develop POTS after getting the Gardasil vaccine. High dose Thiamine has been recommended as a treatment. Thiamine is needed for NADPH (the first step is isotretinoin catabolism) 60% comes from the pentose pathway Thiamine is needed to produce stomach acid (think SIBO , bacterial imbalance, Chrons etc) Thiamine
  15. I've think ive made a breakthru! I've solved my intrahepatic cholestasis problem. 20+ years of jaundice solved almost overnight with combination of two supplements. My eyes are white, and continue to remain for a few weeks now. give me some time to write it up. MARIO.... NADPH, ATP, ESTROGEN INDUCED CHOLESTASIS CLEARANCE.