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  1. Eva is super hot either way, but more so with the makeup.
  2. I would prefer a slim girl with acne then a chubby girl with a clear face. It's easier to lose weight than it is to control your acne.
  3. No, dry doesn't really cause acne. What it does do is cause an increase in sebum to compensate for a dry face making your face oily again. Hence, increased sebum causes the breakout. Of course the solution is to make your face dry again. Why do you think bp dries up your face? So that it's not oily and doesn't cause breakouts. Just another way bp is effective besides its ability to kill bacteria.
  4. I can attract girls, but whenever I breakout more, I lose my confidence to talk to them. If my face is clearing up, I generally have more confidence. It is pretty frustating that confidence to pick up on girls is dictated by how bad my acne is at the time.
  5. Hello, The name is Paq with a q and I would rather not take a bath in yogurt, as it would be quite ostentacious.
  6. Slathering 10% BP all over your face morning and night for 3 days will likely lead to a dry, red, flaking/cracking face. FYI, 10% BP isn't any more effective than 2.5% BP, and there are studies to back this up. Actually only one research study showed that 2.5% is as effective as 10% bp. Many other studies show that 5% is better and it is the one used by dermatologists. In addition, 10% has been shown more effective in doing the job with the side effects of much dryness and peeling. I did t
  7. Get some Oil absorbing sheets from clean and clear or a genetic brand. They work like a charm.
  8. I prefer the Neutrogena Healthy skin lotion. I believe it has about 8% glycolic acid. I use it only in the morning since it has an spf, and it hasn't really broken me out. Plus, my old acne spots seemed to be fading nicely after only 3 days of use.
  9. I was skeptical about the 2.5% bp gel at first. I had started with a 10% bp gel and got really good results but my face was red. I tried Peter Thomas Roth's 5% bp gel and it worked well also but it was a bit more expensive, costing about $20 on the internet for only 3 oz. So, costwise, the 4 oz bp that Dan offers at about $13 including shipping was just better from an economic standpoint. I decided to bite the bullet and hope it worked like the 5% bp gel. Gladly, I'm pleased to say it works j
  10. Yea, I think it's kind of messed up. It's not like she talks to you about her friends who have acne and look so ugly.
  11. Your solution is simple. Buy Zapzyt which is a 10% bp gel. Use it all over your face morning and night WITHOUT a moisturizer. Do this for at least 3 days and by the end of 3 days, all your acne will be gone with the remaining old acne marks. Then proceed with the CSR using a 5% or 2.5% bp gel. Do not use a moisturizer in the night and barely spot moisturize in the morning only where there are flakes. You have an oily face so moisturizer is your enemy as it is mine, which is why you should use i
  12. I never liked peanut butter. That's probably because I'm allergic to it and might go into anaphylatic shock if I try it. So, yes I will take this advice of not eating peanut butter.
  13. I don't get it. Isn't it supposed to lighten your marks, and not produce a large dark mark 5 days later? That's pretty hardcore.