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  1. You may choose not to make chicken pies. I have discovered that by swallowing fragrant air emanating from puff pastry, or any other rich desserts, it fills my stomach with much pleasantness. It is so pleased, that it tells me so in the way of loud purring. And on a completely unrelated note, I am now manly enough to fill huge balloons with certain emanations with enough volume, and which may float towards certain neighbors with braty little younglings that like to pop said balloons.
  2. Allow me to proclaim that my salivary glands are bursting with an unlimited supply of moistful goodness. Let it also be known that should any females lack the capacity to douse themselves with their own moisture, I, as a helpful manly man, will be more than willing to tastefully and lovingly impart a small amount of my own onto your cheeks.
  3. Oh but nay, Everquest be damned, for thou shalt only find soulless heathens upon such lands. Nay I say unto thee, I haveth remained pure in heart, for I hath only placed mine handsome feet upon lands known to many as Britannia.
  4. Indeed it is with confidence upon which I can say with certainty that we have never argued on that particular matter Bryan. But I do distinctly remember retinally digesting the information pertaining to the effects of lemon juice on blood sugar levels from several sources. Whilst I was originally hesistant in placing this particular piece of information into my reply, I have determined that if said element was mentioned in conjunction with the factual effects of vinegar, it could have some scien
  5. Speaking as a manly man, may I recommend a manly suggestion that you not cut, shave, or in any way inhibit the growth of your manly chest hair? Manly chest hair gives us manly men our great strength. Even whilst completely hidden from view, it functions as a powerful magnet of available females within the surrounding area. Should any suddenly find their way to your chest, I would imagine said females not wanting to stroke an inflamed bare skin, but rather luxurious and soft manly man fur. You ca
  6. One would find a situation, such as the one described by yourself, as one where the unfortunate victim need not burden themselves with thoughts of worry, for said situation is perfectly within the realms of acceptability. Take myself as an example, I have but one worry in my mind, and that is how to invoke unfathomable pleasures into the depths of various females that somehow find themselves within the proximity of my soft resting furniture. Naturally, my worries have thus far proven to be comp
  7. Whilst I may utilize the warm excretions of my salivary glands which I personally drizzle on to a piece of my own clothing, you may take the hygenic route and utilize rubbing alcohol on soft cotton balls. Or you may dab more zinc oxide on to your face, in its entirety, with the purposeful objective of creating a intimidating mask. You may then use said mask to scare little ones to a point whereby they howl and scream for their maternal parent.
  8. Does the facial hair of which you shave and which inhabits said region align exactly to that of your aforementioned mystery bump?
  9. The reason can be determined by pushing aside ones hairs in ones eyebrows. You will notice that it is indeed skin that sits underneath, and that such skin is immediately adjacent to the T-zone area where acne tends to develop. Thus, one may then infer that since ones eyebrow skin is in a region that is immediately next to the T-zone area, one can then state that statistically speaking, spots have an increased chance of developing in said region compared to areas that do not sit next to the T-zon
  10. Behold the power that is your will. You can utilize your will to sufficiently hydrate yourself through the consumption of clean water. You can also utilize your will to sufficiently invigorate your body through the consumption of only healthful sustinence. Thus, by the power that is your own free will, you have the means by which to determine whether the aforementioned factors contribute to your painful dermatological state.
  11. The statement, such as the one made in your post, of which many have been mentioned on various separate occations, that could concievably have an unsubstantiated basis, is a phenomenom that relentlessly perpetuates itself due in part to the constant and inevitable invalidition of the theory following unmonitored individual application, unfettered observation, and muddled surge of supposed negative emotions immediately following the procedure, which should invariably affect the ultimate basis of
  12. Bob1978

    hi im new

    Greetings Clare of Leeds. Have you considered visiting a proper dermatologist whereby they may be able to properly and accurately assess and aid you with your unfortunate condition without having to endure the agony of witnessing scoundrels ogling at your finances such that they may be able to legally rob you in broad daylight?
  13. I have heard a great many stories on the substance known as sulphur and its varied and wonderous properties. Travellers have spoken of centuries old shaman living high above the world, who have succeeded in summoning powerful demons and efreets, such that they may grant upon its summoner treasures and gifts of which the eyes of man has never gazed upon before. Indeed, sulphur has additionally been known as a critical ingredient towards the creation of powerful dimensional portals between this, a
  14. Such is the unfortunate dilemma of every manly man finding himself in a situation as this. On the one hand, a man has his manly will and determination, a trait that gives said man his manly strength and power. On the other hand, a man has his great manly appetite for all things he desires, especially when said man finds it through his wandering eyes. A man wins, and looses at the same time. One can do no more than shake ones great manly fist up into the air, and curse through the depth of ones m
  15. Or you may consume at least 2 tablespoons of vinegar [manly cough] after ingesting simple carbs. This will dramatically resuce your insulin spikes, halving it in some cases. You may then in turn choose to consume 1-2 grams of cinnamon after every meal, for a total of 3-6 grams per day. Cinnamon reduces the amount of sugar in ones blood, as well as improve the effects of your insulin, thus allowing for enhanced sugar absorption. I have personally tested the consumption of pure vinegar. [manly co
  16. Youtube has taken your scary video down. Just as well, considering I am in the process of consuming and digesting a nice greasy cheese pizza. It would be a shame for the contents of my stomach to disappear so soon without my digestive system being able to absorb any of its valuable nutrients and vitamins.
  17. Have you applied said acid to places where you mentioned these bumps manifested themselves? If you have, you may proceed with the cessation of said application. If you have not, ensure that you have every one of your fingers crossed such that said bumps will not develop any further.
  18. Allow me to ask you of this one critically important aspect of this place of work, have you at any time witnessed hot females nearby? Or let it be rephrased as such, are any hot females able to witness you from this place of work? The answer to your query depends heavily on this piece of information. If hot females are able to witness you, you may proceed with the full wash. If hot females are not able to witness you, you may proceed with the water rinse and towel dry procedure. Additionally, f
  19. Moisturizers may work, test it. Else you may try purchasing and applying anti-itch creams. If you decide to follow through on that, you will most likely have to select creams that are non-comedogenic. With much unfortunateness, I have no particular nor helpful recommendations on which products to choose, as I tend to leave my itches alone. When a hot female crosses my path, the itches serve as powerful reality-checks, allowing me to divert my attention towards more wholesome thoughts.
  20. You may choose to flick your lesion with any one of your fingers, but preferrably your middle finger. This will cause it to become inflamed and pus-filled. With the added volume, the white-head will reveal itself faster, thus allowing you to burst it open and spill its yellow contents onto the surface of your skin. It also bears noting that this will also increase the size of the lesion, increase the chance of a scar, increase the chance of a larger resulting scar, increase the time required to
  21. That is a recommendation which I would not hesitate in proceeding with, nor disagree with using alternative solutions, that may or may not be of any benefit to your current skin condition.
  22. Unfortunately, for a good handful, they will not be able to out-grow their acne. It will persist through their 20s, 30s, and maybe even their 40s. But allow me to answer your queries: A) I have blackheads, I'm trying out something on them. I also used to have cystic lesions, but I have managed to control that through responsible sustenance consumption. B) Indeed, a shiny and manly one, as thick as is allowed by my genes.