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  1. Most of us went through IB and it really sucks, but just stick with it. I didnt think the accutane was working until I hit my last month and my skin looked better everyday. Just hang in there, use some coverup if it's bothering you that much. Even if youre a guy just apply a little to the more inflammed spots and no one will know the better.
  2. It really cleared you right up. Now go have fun in the sun, get a tan, and hide some of those left over marks while they heal! edit: I see you just finished but when I posted I thought you finished a month ago and were just getting around to posting the results. I don't know why.......... I would hold off on the tanning for a month since your skin is probably still very sensitive...
  3. I know a guy in Tijuana Mexico. His name is Paco. Meet him behind the donkey show thats on 4th street. He can hook you up with some stuff. Just tell him I sent you, he'll know.
  4. I think your football season is going to be tough. I dont know about other people but I def. got some muscle aches after bieng on it for 1/2 months. Gluck.
  5. yeah. I think girls have to take a pregnancy test, then another one or something. guys just need blood work done, I cant see a guy getting a pregnancy test. I went to get blood work done about a week before my appointment and the lab faxed it to my derm, took 3 days on average. I then went to the appointment, got my perscription, waitied for the derm to confirm ipledge and got it filled.
  6. Ive been off accutane for roughly one week. At the start of my last month I noticed a cyst form near my nose on my cheek and its stayed there for the last month. It was not noticeble and not inflammed but I could feel it with my finger. My skin is clear which is awesome except for some marks that need some time to heal. But, stupid me thought that it was ready to pop 2 nights ago so I gave it a decent squeeze. Nothing came out, but now its all red and hurts to touch. Is it too soon for a cortis
  7. I usually squeeze white heads that form a big nice white tip to them because they look nasty. I also give some black heads on my nose a little squeeze when it looks like they are about to come out. Should I let them come out naturally or is helping them along ok?
  8. My face seemed fine for the first month on 60mg/day. I had mild dry face/lips and moderate back aches but only when laying down. My derm upped the dosage to 80mg/day (I weigh 145lbs) for my second month on it and I know it's sort of high. It seems my face exploded this month after upping the dosage 3 weeks ago. Im guessing its the IB but wondering how long it will last? No way Im going to quit because 6 months of hell is a lot less price to pay than god knows how many more years of acne. My fac
  9. Maybe the skipped dosage is if you miss a day so you dont take 4 pills the next day...
  10. I've done it 2-3 times because I didnt have anything fatty for lunch/breakfast but had a really big dinner so I saved both my pills for then and took them. But I started reading the iPledge stuff they give with your thing and it says, "if you miss a dose dont take two at the same time".
  11. The pharmacy couldnt fill my script because it was before the 30 days since I got my last fill and when I called in on Day 31 ipledge was down so they couldnt fill it again. Now, it is going to be ready tommorow which will be Day 3 of not taking it. Will this mess up the treatment?
  12. Is she wrong about this? I even asked her and she said not to, but with a meal. I was confused as this went against everything I read on here. Yesterday I took my 2 pills, once with cereal with 2% fat milk and the other with home made chicken noodle soup for dinner.
  13. What could I do to help this? Its winter so the air is going to be really dry and I notice when I wake up in the mornings there are very small clumps of what seems like dried blood on my sheets (1-2 at most). Would a humidifier work?
  14. Im 68kg. My derm is starting me out at 60kg for the first few months than upping it to 80mg. We'll see how it works out.
  15. I got "Sotret" and not Accutane even though my script said "Accutane". It's the same thing right? And it was $332. Im pretty sure I can get it covered by insurance because this is going to add up