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  1. What do u mean by "fresh made veg. juices?" Do u apply them to the skin or just drink them? What veg. juices do u make? Hi EJM, "You are what you eat" I just find fresh made veg. juices (esp. with low glycemic index) are very beneficial for my skin health. I suggest cucumbers, bell papers, cabbage etc. P.S. Wow! I made that post over 2 years ago... time goes so fast... My update: I still use .1% Tretinoin and PureDeming Intense Gel on the daily basis. Prescription retinoids AND P
  2. i got scars while on retin-a...never had a single scar before retin-a...
  3. i LOOOOVE coconut oil (VCO)! i get mine from http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/virgin_c...coconut_oil.htm it smells like real coconuts and looks like white marble! i eat VCO every morning mixing with oats...tastes soooo good! i also use VCO in cooking instead of butter... Highly recommended!
  4. please look here... http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=20217
  5. Happy Birthday, Misty!!! LOTS of LOVE, HEALTH, and HAPPYNESS to YOU!!!
  6. sadcaroline, here are 2 points from 30 sec. conversation with my friend-doctor... - you would treat animal skin pretty much the same way as human...with antibiotics...neosporin should be fine... - generally animals are "cleaner" than humans...meaning we humans have more bacteria than animals...
  7. common guys.... what if sadcaroline cuts his own leg ...? would you send him to the Lounge too? i think sadcaroline asked his question in the right place...people here know more about the skin and scars than in the Lounge...
  8. Happy Birthday, dear Maya! May all your dreams come true! [-o< O:)
  9. You're referring to the PD gel without jojoba aren't you? Then YES, definately! Because Emu is more transdermal than than the olive or Vit E oil. When I use the PD Gel, I either add more emu or jojoba oil to it, makes it stretch further.