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  1. hi alex and welcome! all the best with the regimen!! where ar u from by the way
  2. you could try asking your mom for her credit card?
  3. yeah i belief that thre CSR can work for everyone. i understand your fusfration since you hve been sticking close to it and you're not getting the results. but trust me, hold on and im sure you will start to see results. dont get discouraged too soon! furthermore, getting dan's products may clear up your skin better! as for college, just smile and shrug it off my saying you spent too much time out and got sunburned due to your sensitive skin. good luck man!
  4. hi there. i think you should stop using panoxyl cuz its extremely drying. i used to use that and it caused my skin to flake a lot. DAn's BP gel is much better - its smoother and less drying and even cheaper! i really suggest that you give it a try... if yoiu are new to the regimen be sure that you are not making any mistakes. you should be using just a little BP once a day, slowly increase the amount of bp used to a full finger before starting to apply the bp twice a day. as for your flakine
  5. hi and welcome to the forums! do spend sometime reading the website www.acne.org and read about the regimen. all you have to do is to change the cleanser, get a gentle moisturizer and you're good to go. your acne seems to be in between light and moderate, so the csr should clear u up pretty well.
  6. frankly, your skin is great! sure its a little reddish, but its hardly noticable. you could be spending too much time examining your skin and worrying too much - take a step back and let it go for while and you'll realise that your skin is really clear and any redness is hard to notice in the first place. rock on.
  7. yeah Brandy's right. im sure she would understand thats its a perfectly normal thing for you to do the regimen, to keep your skin under control. also, there's nothing to be embarrassed about - you're putting in an effort to look good for her. now i think that's sweet! and imagine yourself being clear soon!
  8. don't give up!!! yeah drink more water . anyway salycylic acid is bad to use with the regimen or anything with active ingredients for that matter. maybe you'd want to consider using a gentle cleanser, Bp and a suitable moisturizer? all the best!
  9. hi well perhaps you could tell your gf about the regimen and how it keeps your skiin under control. i'm sure she would understand however, if it isnt easy to talk to her about such stuffs, perhaps you could consider reducing the number of days she sleeps over at your place? all the best.
  10. well i used panoxyl for a month, before dan's BP arrived and i used it instead. personally panoxyl is more drying than Dan's BP Gel, and u should really consider using the latter. do they ship it to canada? if not you can consider neutrogena on the spot.
  11. well this is wad i do to take care of flakes. i apply moisturizer and when the flakes ball or clump up, i gently remove them or dab at them with a tissue. and i repeat. add moisturizer, remove flakes. this will remove most of your removable flakes, and allow the moisturizer to really work on yr skin, thus preventing even more flaking.
  12. is there anything u have missed out on the regimen? perhaps the BP was not being applied properly?
  13. first, i must say im very sorry that yr skin did not remain clear. you must ber feeling horrible i suggest that u shld go back to the regimen, since it worked for you well the first time. well, you;ve bught the stuff, so y dont you get started? good luck! personally im on the regimen for a month, and my breaskouts are significantly lesser. my skin however, is quuite red, but the past acne marks on some areas of my face are fading well. about your relationship, i understand your concern and
  14. [im just starting, and its definately heartening to see this sorta posts! rock on dude!
  15. hmm.. first, what sort of acne do you have? moderate or mild? if you have been on antibotics for a year or so i suggest you consult your doctor before stoppping them. technically CRS is a topical treatment and should not have any negative side effects with medication, but it is not advised to combine the two. i personally think u shld give CSR a try , but as i said, consult yr doctor before u drop your medication. if u do, i think you should drop your medication for a few weeks first before you