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  1. Yes, I do think it is demonized by *certain* dermatologists. I do think that the side effects of accutane are blown out of proportion. I think in the majority of cases, people experience dry lips & dry skin. I've seen reviews of accutane from people who have experienced other side effects and then other people who read it automatically believe that everyone will get that specific side effect. However, from the dozens of reviews I've seen, I only see around 1-2 negative reviews. People tend t
  2. Hey! I was on someones log and they mentioned that they showered in hot water which caused hot flashes & a stinging moisturizer sensation. Do you shower in hot water? I get the stinging sensation when I moisturize my arms & occasionally my face when I use hot water. Having warm usually helps!
  3. Have you had a blood test before? How often is it? I have no idea how to read it or what not, but my liver enzyme level was probably at the correct number. My derm said that my blood work was more than good & so she allowed me to take accutane for 60 days before having a blood test.
  4. My first month, I had 40mg & had the blood test before I took my first pill. For month 2, I had my blood test before I came in & was upped to 50mg for month 2 and 3. I did not have a blood test for month 3--my derm allowed me to take both months. I'm on month 4 now, and still on 50mg. Again, I only had a blood test before my appointment. I have 50mg for month 5 as well, and do not require a blood test for month 5. Trust in your derm : ) If your body is reacting fine to the accutane, I th
  5. Are you on 40mg? I'm around 55kg, doing 40mg 50mg 50mg 50mg 50mg & the last month is up for discussions (tba basiccally)
  6. A close friend of mine was on accutane & did get a few tattoos after she was off. She is okay. You will know, when I pick at my spots, I end up ripping up the top layer off (easily). I guess when that doesn't happen, your skin is back to normal. & it isn't thinning it, its just shedding really quickly! I believe this is so because my blemishes fade quite fast. Its fairly extraordinary, actually. hah!
  7. Had my dermatologist today! I'm on 50mg for the next 2 months. My bloodwork came back and was good! After I finish these two packs, I'll be done month 5 & she said she usually does 5-6 months, depending on the patient. I'm hoping for a 6th, just for good measure! Also! I believe I'm on day 87 or 88 My right cheek/jaw is clearing up a lot! When I wash my face, I don't feel the bumps anymore! My left side is practically clear & my forehead has 2 active breakouts at the moment.
  8. I don't drink alcohol, so its not a problem for me. However, from reading online, it seems like 1-2 drinks a week is okay! Obviously, if you go do your bloodwork and your liver enzymes are elevated, your derm will probably a.) lower your dose or b.) take you off of it. So, just stay away from the alcohol for the 1st month so you know how your body reacts to it first & do your bloodwork and everything. If things are good, I think for month 2, it'll be okay to occasionally have a drink. L
  9. Acne 30, I've tried literally everything for my acne. And when my dermatologist brought up accutane, my eyes probably lit up. Everyone responds differently to the medication, and I feel like even 10 days makes a HUGE difference. I think the weekly/daily photos are great because you usually don't know the difference since you see yourself everyday, so its a good reminder that things are working : ) I think that fear of having acne again will always exist, but in this case, no I don't see my
  10. What type of food are you into? Some places that I love are G-men ramen (Richmond), Yolk's (breakfast/brunch place in Vancouver), the Boathouse (West Van), Sushiyama for sushi (the sushi pizza is a must), Ebisu or Motomachi Shokudo (downtown). Theres a placed called Nook's that is also really good. Its a very thin base/crust pizza! And last place I can think of that I frequent is sawasdee thai food!
  11. The texture of your skin has changed drastically! Although you do have spots still, there is considerably less and way less little bumps! I feel like you're going to notice a huge difference soon : ) Month 4 will be it!!!
  12. Whadup! Get the CeraVe moisturizing cream (the one in the tub). Moisturizes your face like no tmw, and isn't oily. In fact, it has a pretty skin-like finish. I'm pretty close to you, Vancouver, and the cold air really really really dries up your skin. I have rashes on my hands that are caused from the dry air. Usually it is okay but accutane has made my skin really dry. They go away in 1-2 days when I keep them moisturized at all times though. So if you are experiencing dryness, keep those areas
  13. Day 81. I forgot to take my pills one day. Should be 82 but isn't. My skin has never been this clear. Its only been 11 days since I last posted and things have changed SO MUCH. This just goes to show how much a difference a few days makes. I still have some closed comedones on my jaw (right side). But the majority of my face is clear. I get my period in a few days, so I will keep you guys posted on if that causes me to break out more. I have redness. My ankles are sore when I sit for a long time
  14. I think Im on day 73 or 74. I am still breaking out as well. Forehead and jaw
  15. Whoa, I didn't know accutane interferes with the cycle. I've been on accutane for 2 months and have had mine both months but it was late the second month, however, my cycle tends to fluctuate by being 1-3 days late. Also, its great that you found the cause of the hot flushes! Hopefully you'lll have no more stinging when moisturizing : )