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  1. User15978

    1 (fantastic) year on Spiro

    Congratulations! I hope it continues to keep you clear!
  2. User15978

    The Spiro Chronicles

    Keep going and good luck!
  3. User15978

    Quiting Spiro

    I'm so sorry! I wish you didn't. But GOOD LUCK and I hope it works just as well as taking it orally. *fingers crossed*
  4. User15978

    My Spiro Log

    Good Luck to you Anti-Em!
  5. User15978

    Spiro Journal

    B, I was exactly like you. I was light-headed, had headaches and just not feeling right. I kept taking it because I read someone was exactly like me but still kept taking Spiro and after 2 wks their light-headed feeling went away. I noticed this exactly as well at the 2 wk mark. Now I feel great!
  6. Hey there! Sorry to hear you're going through such a difficult time. But I really do think you should stick to the Spiro much longer. I’ve read *a lot* and done *a lot* of research on Spiro and this medication is known to take longer to work. It can take anywhere from 4-6 mths to start working but after 8 mths to 1 yr, this is where people completely stop breaking out (based on the reviews I’ve read). The people who have used this medication for a long period always insist to stick with it
  7. User15978

    Any women tried Spironolactone?

    Thanks for your lovely post zincyellowcobra! I've just started Spiro and this gives me hope and to keep going!
  8. User15978

    spiro diary

    Good Luck Helen. I'm into 3 wks now and I can tell you the thirsty feeling does subside alot. I remember when I started I was so thirsty and I think on the 4th day, I was so so so thirsty that I drank 5 big cups of water all in a row. And I was still thirsty!!! Now, I feel like I'm back to normal (as in before taking Spiro). Like how thirsty I feel, urinating etc.
  9. User15978

    Borage oil