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  1. a few months ago i went to this place called Lovelyskin and i had zits covering my cheeks chin and millions on my forehead. they gave me a perscription for the very thing that saved my face! its a long name so i suggest writing it down! ready...? Erythromycin-Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Gel. it comes in a small white jar that you need to MUST keep refridgerated. all you do is put it on in the morning and at night and you will wake up with way less pimples then you had. and soon they are
  2. mederma does suck!! i used it for 2 months an the same thing happend to me. my mom got it for me and said it would work? i put it on 3 times a day like it says and nothing changed .. only for the worst i guess . i would wake up with red iritated skin and when i took a shower my face would burn. DONT EVER USE MEDERMA!!!!!!!!!!!