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  1. AHhh- the search for the perfect makeup! My skin is somehow both oily AND dry now. It is flaky but a little oily, so I switched to a different foundation. Previously I was using Perricone No Foundation Serum, but I found it was a little too sheer and I ended up having to wear more concealer. I started using Revlon Color Stay Foundation for normal skin (weird, I know) and it's been working wonders. It stays on all day and it doesn't seem to bother my skin. I would think it would be drying but it
  2. Thanks for responding! to Skaims: I'm glad to hear Accutane is working for you! I am now on day 3 and you're right- the headache has passed. I'm so relieved. I've used the Veltin the past couple nights, but I think I will give it a rest. Since Veltin is a combination of Retinol and Clindamycin, I can't really discontinue the Retinol without giving up the antibiotic too. My skin is a little flaky but not terrible. The "active" spots I have are drying up and flattening out a little, and the s
  3. Hello everyone! I've been reading the forums for a while and just created an account so I can share my experience. I developed hormonal acne (annoying white bumps + painful cysts) on my lower cheeks and jawline, after stopping the birth control pill (Yasmin). I had been on the pill for over 10 years and my body went into shock when I stopped. I actually work in the skin care industry. I develop topical products (skin care, hair care, body care, makeup, OTCs, etc.) and call on a lot of beauty com
  4. Hi Aquafina! Congratulations on your first day. Like you I've been reading the forums for awhile now and just created an account so I can start an Accutane log. My first dose of Accutane (30 mg) was last night. I am also considering staying on an antibiotic (Erythromycin 500mg 2x daily) through the first week of treatment to limit inflammation and potentially forego the IB. My doctor told me to discontinue the Erythromycin and Spironolactone (I take 100mg a day of that) but I have read that ther