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  1. I have read all 30 pages and I am in the first week of doing the "Laissez-fair" approach. I have had severe acne during HS and it has dropped off since college. I am 25 and currently have mild acne flare ups. I have tried everything on this planet and nothing ever truly gave me consistant clear skin. I have no acne on my body except for my chin and around my lips. That is the only spots that flare up. I have always wondered why is it only those spots. My family is acne free, with my mom h
  2. I have the same issues. The best my skin has ever been was when I would use an electric razor's trimmer (the little clipper that flips up from the shaver body) to keep my facial hair short. The problem I have now is that I work in a professional setting and shaving is an "unwritten" rule to follow. "AndD" provides a good procedure to follow.