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  1. So around two weeks ago I got this big, painful, awful, under the skin zit from hell right smack between my eyebrows. Lovely! I've been very good and I haven't picked, and instead I've been putting my arsenal of acne killing products to try and dry it out. The good news: it's gone down in size significantly. The bad news: the skin on top of and surrounding it is very dry, tight, a little wrinkly looking, and a beautiful red shade of ripe tomato. Help me please?? I'm going on vacation with my boy
  2. Okay so basically this nasty cyst thing popped up right under my nose about a week and a half ago and it was huuuuuge...I mean it was probably big enough to land a plane on haha. anyway I had a dermatologist appointment a week after it popped up so while I was there I decided to have her inject it with that steroid stuff because it was so big and so ugly I just wanted it gone. That was my first steroid shot for a cyst, I got it about 3-4 days ago and anyway I'm just wondering if I should be conc