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Good and the bad
Unfortunately for everyone out there desperate to cure this acne with this, you've gotta be patient. It takes a good few months to kick in, but for the first 3 months my skins was still bad. Maybe 3-6 months it was bad but not as bad, 6-9 months it was a lotttttt better and 9-12 months it was good. Never really perfect for more than a few days, but a great break for a year. So I would recommend it! Definitely! I had some great months of skin on this pill. But... i've been off it 4 days and onto

By clearskinjourney,

Couldn't deal with the instant purging
Tried to switch from Zineryt liquid lotion to Differin due to how difficult the Zineryt was to apply. The idea of an easy, one a day cream was great. However, unfortunately after just two days I switched straight back. My skin was redder than ever, covered in spots and white heads were popping up so fast it was unbelievable. However, I have no doubt that this product would work in the long time. I just couldn't take my skin getting in worse at that time. Try Zineryt lotion for instant drying

By clearskinjourney,

Was amazing... for the first two years
I was prescribed Yasmin when I was 16 and began suffering from acne breakouts, as well as getting my first boyfriend. So this was a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Within a few months my skin cleared up great, and for around 2 and a half years / 3 until the age of 18 and a half / 19 my skin was great. I still had the occasional couple of small spots around the time of the month, but nothing I would ever consider a problem or any more than anyone with naturally good skin would have. I

By clearskinjourney,

Good to use whilst waiting for an internal medication to kick in, but will not cure you
This product is an absolute nightmare to applicate! The bingo marker pen style applicator is horrible to use, none of the soloution comes out and you have to wait 2 hours for it to dry, therefore it is an absoloute nightmare to use twice a day. I spent months planning my schedule around my Zineryt applications. After going to see a private dermatologist she suggested taking the top off and applying the lotion with a cotton pad- so theres a tip! However, I have now stopped using Zineryt over th

By clearskinjourney,

Just doesn't do anything!
Took this antibiotic for four months, and never reduced my breakouts. However, this is probably due to the fact i'm 99.9% certain mine is fully hormonal, so therefore if your acne is bacterial it may work for you! I am now proceeding with Dianette the contraceptive pill. But please, if your female and your breakouts are hormonally linked don't waste your time with this antibiotic

By clearskinjourney,