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  1. Wow, your advice just made me feel a lot better. I just got home from the dermatologist. After two months on 200 mg of Spiro, zero positive impact whatsoever. After 15 years of acne, I started Spiro with high hopes and had become pretty depressed by the lack of results. So, he just prescribed Minocycline in addition to the Spiro. I'm going to REALLY try and avoid become frustrated and just be patient. Argh.. it's hard, though!!
  2. My derm just prescribed Spiro for me... but he did recommend going on birth control pills along with it (though you don't have to) due to the risk of birth defects. Although now that you mention it, going through my ob/gyn would have been smart. I wouldn't have needed a referral and the co-pay would have been cheaper!!!
  3. I'm of the opinion that because people tend to see acne as an adolescent problem, anyone who has it will be taken less seriously, including during a job interview. That applies especially to anyone in their 20s who is sort of on that borderline between looking like a kid and looking like an adult.
  4. Yet MORE people who are on smaller doses than I am. Three weeks ago my doctor prescribed 200 mg a day!! It's starting to freak me out a little.
  5. Yes, I just started taking Spiro three weeks ago and had the exact same thing!! If I stood up too fast I felt like I was going to pass out. I also felt tired ALL the time. I think it was due to the dehydration that the medicine caused, but no matter how much water I drank it never seemed like enough. Now in the third week, the lightheadedness seems to be going away -- and so is the feeling of being thirsty all the time. I still have to drink extra water, though, and any type of caffeinated/alcoh
  6. Thanks...I actually found that I had some annoying side effects for the first couple of weeks (being thirsty all the time, tiredness, irritability), but now they seem to be subsiding. I was waking up feeling run down every morning for two weeks - and it lasted all day - no matter how much sleep I got, then a few days ago I woke up and felt great, and have ever since. Maybe my body needed to adjust to the new hormone levels? I'm definitely going to stick with the Spiro. I hope I see some effect o
  7. OK, so after having moderate to severe acne for 15 years, I FINALLY went to a dermatologist two weeks ago. I know it might seem strange that I waited so long, but my acne is genetic and for over a decade I had the notion drilled into my head by family that if you have acne, it's just something you need to grow out of. Now age 26 and still having both facial and body acne, finally I decided "What can I lose?" and I went to a doctor. He put me on Spironolactone, 100 mg TWICE a day - for 200 mg to
  8. I've had both. The stuff on my body went away and my facial acne is still here. I wish it was the other way around! I'd take body acne back over facial acne in a second!
  9. I think I've had social anxiety disorder since I was a child. Everyone just told me I was shy and I'd eventually "come out of my shell." I spent years sitting on the bench by myself at recess because I just couldn't seem to form relationships with other people. If people would try to talk to me, I'd panic and make a fool of myself. Hence people thought I was weird and started making fun of me, which only made my self-confidence issues worse. In high school I became extremely introverted and go
  10. My mother's advice was "you can't cure it, you can only control it." Now 12 years after my acne first started, I've found that her statement is pretty accurate. Until your body decides it's ready to stop producing whatever out-of-whack hormone is causing your problem, all you can do is wash, put on your medications, and hope that it won't be so bad today.
  11. I've tried hydrocortisone before on stubborn spots and it always seems to fade them much quicker than anything else. The steroid in hydrocortisone is anti-inflammatory. I don't know how good it is for your skin, though.
  12. I had braces for about four years, and I never noticed any skin change due to going to the ortho's office. The pro of getting braces is that when it's all over, you'll have great teeth for the rest of your life. If your wisdom teeth haven't come in yet (I don't know how old you are) and they come in after your braces are off, just make sure you have them removed if necessary so they don't undo all the straightening. The cons of braces: you can't eat a lot of things (I missed corn on the cob in t
  13. I blush soooo easily and it's embarassing! If I'm in a high-stress social situation or especially if I have to speak in public, my face gets all red and my chest breaks out in blotches! I always wear a high-necked shirt when I have to be in those types of situations. I've had social anxiety issues for pretty much my entire life, and let me tell you, the acne doesn't help.
  14. My mom is 56 with oily skin and still has acne problems from time to time. Nowhere near as bad as she had it earlier in life, though.