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  1. Accutane is a big choice, you can always extend it. That is, if this works now and you don't really need accutane then maybe just wait until you really feel like you do. There are never any insurance that accutane will 'cure' it forever, and it can cause pretty severe side effects. But, there is also the chance that it might clear you forever and you get very minimal side effects.... But again, it is all up to you if you want to take that risk. If you feel unsure, then wait. You'll know when you've had enough.

    Thanks for your input. I think I will wait, dont think accutane is really gonna help with scarring from what I've read and seems that scars heal better after off of accutane so thats just gonna make me wait much longer to get rid of scars since my face is pretty clear now just need to deal with scars

  2. Hello I have been using The Regimen for almost 2 months now and I must say it has really worked for me my acne is pretty clear now just only acne scars and redness.

    But before I started The Regimen I also made a Derma appointment and had to wait 1 Month and a Half to be able to see them.

    So when I finally seen them they perscribed me Accutane. My acne was much worse then being only 5 weeks on The Regimen.

    Feel like dont really need it now but want your guys thoughts.

    So my question to you guys is what do you think I should do.

    Keep having clear skin with BP or use Accutane?

    Atleast after Accutane wont be addicted to BP will be able to use drugstore cleansers and have it actually work.

    But then again my skin is pretty clear now because of BP just only acne scars that go away by time I would be done Accutane anyway with clear skin....

  3. 3 days away from being on for 2 Months

    Basically no acne just acne scars.

    I'm picking up my first dose of Accutane today. Hesitant on it because basically hve no acne just only scars.

    On the other hand taking it will free my skin from BP addiction. So will be able to wash face in the morning without doing a whole 30-60 minute routine.

    Thoughts please?

    Thank you btw DeLovely ! I hope your son is doing great with the products as well




  4. Week 3 (Day 22)

    No changes really cant wait till I'm at week 12 already. Been using 2/3 finger length BP moving up to full finger length and staying at that amount of BP.

    Left side of my face is mainly acne scars and my right side still not much improvement which is also side I sleep on so I guess that's why its worse.

    Cant wait till acne scars is my only concern that wil be a big step forward in my opinion.

    Hopefully between week 8-12 that will be my only problem.




  5. Week 1

    Morning routine: used The Regimen Cleanser then let face air dry by waiting 10 minutes then applied 1 pump of the Regimen moisturizer then wait another 10 minutes to let it dry and apply SPF 15 sunscreen

    Night Routine: Used The Regimen Cleanser then air dry 10 minutes then use 1/3 index finger length of BP and let it dry for 10 minutes then apply 1 pump of The Regimen moisturizer then wait another 10 minutes so my face soaked moisturizer to apply another pump.


    Would say slight improvment in some part but some breakout as the Dan said in the schedule.

    Now week 2 will begin using BP twice a day 1/2 index finger length.

    Hope my skin is adjusted to the BP !

  6. This is a diary of my progress with The Regimen treatment from the perspective of a 20year old male I have never documented any use of products so this will be my first.

    My first day of starting The Regimen was on October 2nd 2014 I will be posting pictures once a week for the first 4 weeks then once a month.


    Cleanser from The Regimen

    BP from The Regimen

    Moisturizer from The Regimen


    I drink 6 bottles of water (101.4oz) everyday and 2-3 cups of organic Green Tea and take liquid multivitamin twice a day since 95% absorption rate compared to 4-20% absorption from pills.


    I do not expect any results basically from first month. Expecting to have flat smooth skin with hyperpigmentation from old acne within 3 months hopefully 8 weeks wishful thinking and no more hyperpigmentation or ance at 6 months.

    Day 1