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  1. Birth Control may help, but I would rather not use it. I am prone to migraines. My first course of Accutane was June 5th 06 - December 9th 06 2nd course of Accutane treatment started on April 5th - current I am concerned because I have read that female adult acne is harder to treat than a teens. I think from my own research that it really is all individual. I have clear skin as of now, but will be posting back once my treatment is over. I hope others have had better sucess rates!
  2. You are funny! I like that- I am on it for about 6 months again in total. I actually am not clearing up the way I did the first time around. I took the Accutane last time and within a week, literally, my face was flawless the whole time. Now I am still breaking out everywhere. However, my skin is more smooth, just with zits, if that makes sense....I am super tired, feel very weak, with a lot of body aches. I didn't have this last time either. I refuse to let the acne take over! I wish I saw more
  3. I think a lot of acne is hormonal based. I don't want to take the BP route in fear of what it does to your body (CANCER) and other less desirable side effects. I am willing to try this 3 times if I have to. Just so sad that I thought I was completely cured. Is there any testing to find out what exactly is going on with our hormones? I had bloodwork done and apparently everything came back ok. How can that be, when I know my hormones are out of WHACK!
  4. Just took my first dose of 80mg of Accutane today. The derm said more than likely it won't cure my acne because I have hormonal acne. So, has anyone read or heard of success stories where they were cured from hormonal acne? I am stressed to think I won't ever find a solution and I can't go on BP or other things because of constant migraines. Someone tell me there is hope for my acne just because it is hormonal! Or just lie to me to make me feel better This is my second round of Accutane btw!
  5. Hi there, I don't think I posted in your old journal but I remember seeing your screen name. Anyhow, I am about to request a 2nd round from my derm as well. I just finished my first treatment in Dec and my skin started to go bad just a few days ago. I am not waiting to watch it get worse, so I completely feel your pain. It sucks, but I also know how fast I cleared on Accutane the first time around. Hopefully this will be your last treatment, btw, did you ever post in Dana's log?
  6. I am about to go on my 2nd round of treatment once I see my derm. I am bummed out that I only made it 3.5 months of clear skin since my treatment ended in December. So, if anyone has any words of advice, encouragement, or just well wishes, click my link below!
  7. Thanks guys! I need that, words of encouragement! Thanks for the prayers! (((((hugs))))) I pretty much thought I was done with acne, since I saw results after the first few days with Accutane. I had clear skin literally in less than a week. I had been struggling to have clear skin for so long that I forgot what it was like to not wake up to a new pimple. So, I was only clear for about 3.5 months. Anyways, I can't take BP because it has always given me severe migraine headaches. I have tried them
  8. I was on Accutane for 6 months. I am pretty sure my acne is hormonal. Will my acne ever go away? I am calling my derm in the morning so I can start this again asap. However, now I wonder if just some of us aren't curable. I fret at the fact that I may just have horrible skin forever. I also in my 30's. I never thought I would be dealing with this at this stage in my life. I am so frustrated. Someone please post words of encouragement, god knows I need it right about now! TIA!
  9. Ok, Well to anyone that may stumble across my journal, I have bad news. MY ACNE IS BACK WITH A VENGENCE. I am so shocked as I had thought that I would be clear for good. I figured a few here and there but not to the degree that I am now experiencing them. I have only been off of Accutane since the beginning of Decemeber. So I was on it for 6 months and off for 4 months. I have heard of people going on Accutane more than once but I didn't think that would be me. So now I have to figure out exac
  10. Been about a month since coming off Tane and just an update that I am so happy I took this drug. I haven't had one breakout and just keep my fingers crossed that I am not jinxing my good fortune. I plan on updating every once in a while. I think it is important for those out there to know there is a success rate also. Sometimes you only hear the ones that it didn't work on. Til next time! Happy New Year ALL!!!!!
  11. I finished my Accutane about a month ago and still have knee pain as well as back. It isn't too bad but it hasn't gone away either. I may go see a Sports Med Doctor soon. I have to say I still would take this pain anyday over ACNE!
  12. Post Tane Journal- Day 2 A little bit shocked that I had two pimples. I got a rather large one around my nostril, but it never surfaced. The other was on my forehead. I hope this is just a fluke and doesn't last. I can't believe in 2 days I can already feel moisture back in my lips. What a total relief. Just hope it stays off my face. Keeping fingers crossed for a smooth sail and pimple free. God, wouldn't that be fantastic!
  13. Hi Tanya! Wow, you are finished with your course of tane as well ! I miss reading everyone's journal ! I hope you are well and am glad you are finished with this miracle drug. Where again are you in Canada? I forgot. Vancouver has had pretty decent weather and not too much rain thus far! I just finished my course of tane, so only time will tell if my face behaves. Blessings to you and your family for the holidays ! Mel
  14. I didn't start right away due to the scare tactic on the net. However, I eventually got my hands on the Accutane and am thrilled I did. I couldn't be happier. I also, never had any problems with joint pains, and I work out 6 days a week, a lot of weights, boxing, intense cardio, and running. It never made me tired nor did it give me horrible IB. Again, I am grateful to this Miracle Drug.
  15. Hi Dana! I am so happy for you! Yay ! You are officially off Accutane. I haven't been great at keeping my journal. Kids, work, school have kept me away. I have 9 pills left and then I am finished. I am a bit worried about coming off, guess that is normal ? Hope you had an excellent Turkey Day, and all the best for the Holiday and 07! Love - Mel