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  1. nothing better to do http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showuser=13070 seems to be a decent member, and knows about the blood ninja stuff soo... give him a telling off or restrict his rights in chat, if it can be done. im sorry now bannings a bit harsh
  2. spamming the chat for about 5 mins so far, complete nuisance
  3. if youre gonna try to squeeze it i'd suggest lancing it first, good luck with it
  4. your experience is probably due to having mild acne, the isotrex can bring it out in the same way as accutane for people. i think its worth a shot for anyone though, if your acne gets worse youre sure to get prescribed accutane, then you wont have to worry about an initial breakout :D
  5. there are a lot of votamins etc that are lipid soluble and would require some food in your belly for it to be effectively absorbed. it tends to be antibiotics that need to be taken on an empty stomach, so i'd suggest before or after a light meal...
  6. the Cetaphil with spf 15 recommended on the CSR. if you've posted on the right board and you actualy have severe acne, the gel will even you out and reduce the amount of new crap busting out. whenever you run out you can get another tube from the chemist, no need to wait a month. good luck with it
  7. depends if you want to cheer up or wallow really... wallowing would be My Dying Bride, select Opeth songs, Portishead, Massive Attack. for cheering up Michael Jackson tbh, or some Depeche Mode
  8. its the world cup, Ireland arent even in it but im still watching every match! its once every 4 years, something to discuss down the pub.
  9. i don't know of any alternatives when you've not been responsive to the ani-biotics etc. whats your reasoning against accutane? personally, i think the benefits outweigh the problems. anyone on this board that i'd consider credible and has tried accutane recommends it. granted its a lot more of an inconvenience for women as you get put on birth control etc, but i think you should just try it and quit worrying!
  10. Italy have been disappointing this World Cup, if you cant tape it have a look here: http://www.mininova.org/search/?search=world+cup you could download a rip of the match, watch it whenever
  11. hey got the same stuff prescribed less than a week ago, seems to be working well the first few days i applied it twice daily, no moisturiser and used a face wash containing salicylic acid. i went bright red and my skin began to peel, any products i used, face wash, soap etc, burned like %*&$ i've found that putting on a pile of moisturiser then about 20 mins later applying the isotrex gel works pretty well. it seems to be helping m so far, hope you have similar results
  12. you could have avoided the maths class, you'll know better next time i think you could deal with that, it'll be very difficult but if you manage to get through it (which could be done) i think you'll become a lot more responsible and capable. you just need the right frame of mind for it, optimism for a start. think of what you'll achieve not what you'll have to endure.. of course i'd never have the discipline to do it myself, but i can still tell you how to go about it
  13. i've never had the urge myself, can't empathise with anyone who'd want to self terminate. i hope your dad kicked your ass actually, if not for the gesture but for the sheer stupidity of the method!
  14. i get an error when i try to view your gallery, but it's nice to see the success stories. a little hope for those still suffering, an incentive to continue treatment.
  15. nah, i got a few peeps in classes i do that have worse acne than me. i've seen a lot of people improving lately, a friend who suffered terribly (worst case i've seen in person) looks great atm. must be the age at which guys start resorting to GPs for help / grow out of it. the lighting in my bathrooms relatively poor so i probably underestimate my own problems, but fuck it