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  1. This is my regimen: Morning: 2 x 100 doxy wash face with white dove soap sea breeze on my face some dan's bp gel on face Night: wash face with white dove soap sea breeze on face apply ret-a for nighttime use Is there anything wrong with this? How can I not make my face TOO dry? I know moisturizer is good but each time I use some it breaks out my face. Thanks, Dallas
  2. What would be a good regimen for me to start im taking 2 x 100 mg doxy a day and the RETA at night, i'm using dove to wash face and sea breeze in between, is there anything that i should be doing as well?
  3. the moisterizer now is like 1/5th gone and my face broke out like crazy, just wondering if this is because i left it out in the 110 degree weather, also.. i am probably going to get new cetaphil but is the bp gel messed up too?
  4. skins dryer than usual.. more notes later!
  5. Okay so no new poimples today but that scar from my cat is still there.. it sucks... same regimen.
  6. **update** my face is alright, a huge pimple came in above my eye, but i think it's coming out very well.
  7. well i've gotten the green tea, and started drinking that today... some blackheads are showing but no new pimples.. i was taking my cat out to my mom and he got very scared and scratched me... now... i have a scratch on the side of my face its depth is that of a razor cutting the side of your face, so i know its not that bad but what is the quickest way to get it healed? it is kind of long.. ;( i mean, its kind of ridiculous, i can still see where the old skin is attached from the scar!! G
  8. Hey there, how can I get that Tea Tree Oil? Sounds Nice, Anyways... I am using 2/3 of a finger of BP and good amount of moisterizer, I kinda messed up when I first started and didn't use ANY moisterizer, and I dryed up crazily. I haven't gotten any new pimples. So I am fortunate for that. that pimple was ready for popping so I got it out (the one under my lip) and now it's healing up and its starting to go away. when i get home tonight, i'll post some pictures of my face, so maybe i can get
  9. Hey Mac, just read your blog, nice that you're still doing it. I got heavily depressed after the 60mg, so I stopped taking it. Now I'm taking Dans BP.
  10. what day is the wedding?
  11. The topic explains my question really. I just started last week, and I was wondering how long it would take until I should worry.
  12. Dallas


    I had that with me, during this last job, except it wasn't internal.... Hopefully, you'll get the job.. keep me posted.