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  1. If you perform a search I think you will find several posts about this routine. If I'm not mistaken, since jojoba is a carrier oil it does not create any sort of "barrier" that the bp has to fight through. I do it this way, and it makes a big difference in the level of flakiness.
  2. you are in the Acne.org Regimen forum, have you checked into it? Its been the only system that has cleared me up after going through lots and lots of treatments. At least worth a look....
  3. http://www.uberreview.com/2007/09/pimple-m...-cures-acne.htm its for real...
  4. i bought several various bottles from www.thecontainerstore.com for all my various products....they have a bottle for everything, seriously.
  5. i've tried a slew of moisturizers, and i've found that complex 15 + a couple drops of jojoba are the best combination for combating my flaky skin. I've been on the Regimen for a year to the day and although the fact that i still get flakes is discouraging, my face is clear most of the time...which is a trade-off i'll take anyday.
  6. i run cross country/track in college so i have practice everyday at 330. I usually do CSR at like 9 then shower after practice and just moisturize or add a very very small amount of BP if i have any breakouts. Been on the reg since june 2006 and still going strong...
  7. i'll just update by saying my Sudocrem came in today. Ordered it on the 8th, I believe from www.westons.com. So it took about a week to get through customs. Only paid like 8 bucks so its a good way to go about getting it.
  8. i ordered some from www.westons.com a couple nights ago. I think it was the 125g tub for like 8 bucks and it shipped the next morning. FWIW, I'd go that route rather than waiting for ebay/paypal --edit-- 60g tub
  9. The close of this month will be my 4th month on CSR. It has cleared up my skin very well, I still battle the occasional whitehead/pimple once a week or so but still, drastically better than it was. However, I still experience the "flaking effect." It seems to come in cycles, maybe once every week and a half or so. The flakes are very fine and really there is no product I have that can keep them under control. After two days or so they go away and all is back to normal. Personally, I tir
  10. try a search, lots of info out there
  11. well for those living in the US i think shipping from canada would be substantially less...however, i do not see eucerin on the shoppers drug mart webpage. shucks. are there any other places in canada to get this stuff where you can order online?