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  1. Day 35037502975 million (just kidding, but it sure feels like it) Okay more like day 92 or something. I haven't really been updating because I'm so upset. My skin has gotten WORSE. I look like poo. Before I started the tane, my breakouts were all little whiteheads around my mouth and chin. I don't have those anymore. What I have now is worse, actually. Over the last two months my skin has been consistently breaking out around the cheek area and below, and this time it isn't whiteheads...they
  2. Day 75 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Current mood=annoyed. I'm still breaking out!! This is so frustrating. I am about 3 1/2 months in now, and my skin was perfect for the whole first month...and then we had an ugly change of events at the start of month 2 and it still has not ceased!! The right side of my face was flawless while only the left was breaking out, but today I woke up with a new one on the right side as well. When is it going to end? I'm feeling so disheartened. Come on Accutane.
  3. Aww Dana it's so good to hear from you! I'm so glad you're doing well! I knew it was all going to get better!!!
  4. Hmm...is this really such a good idea? I would kill to go tanning right now. But I can't imagine it would be good for my red, dry, Accutane abused skin.
  5. I think I had a similar effect with Tazorac as you had with BP. My skin was cracking, drying, and falling off. It was so ugly and embarassing that I wouldn't even go out in public. With Accutane, my skin is just mildly dry and a little bit flaky...NOTHING like that horrible Taz.
  6. Threading is amazing. Definitely go for threading over waxing.
  7. I can only speak from my own personal experience, but... I'm in college, and I generally go out to bars with my friends on the weekends. I don't get so hammered that I end up passed out in a gutter or anything...but my friends and I can get a little bit crazy. "Drunk" would be pretty accurate. I'm on Month 3 of Accutane and my bloodwork has been completely normal every time. I would be careful for the first month to make sure that the Accutane doesn't elevate your triglyceride levels...because
  8. Day 61 Well. The last 30 days have not been the best. I've had steady breakouts after the first four flawless weeks. It's still better than the breakouts that I was getting before I started on the medication, so that's good. It's just slightly discouraging because the first month went so well and I hardly broke out at all. Oh well, what can you do. I've been increased to 80 mgs now, so maybe that will kill this acne...for real this time. I can't believe I'm into my second month...wow! This wi
  9. The treatment isn't over yet! Don't be too hard on yourself! It's completely 'normal' to have bad skin....unfortunately. You go to the tanning bed on Accutane? Doesn't that burn you?
  10. Just checking in again! I understand what you mean about not wanting to switch between an "online" way of writing and "college" way. I'm also in college, and I have a huge pet peeve regarding bad spelling and grammar. I'll be talking to some of my friends who have graduated (or will soon graduate) on AOL Instant Messenger and they'll spell a word wrong...a word that probably shouldn't be too difficult, and it's obviously not a "pressing the wrong key on accident situation," and I just cringe te
  11. Day 39 I had my derm appointment last Monday and it went so well! My derm was so nice and told me how much better my skin was looking. I don't think I even had one breakout the day that I went to see her, it's amazing. The first month went so smoothly! Unfortunately I was without medicine for three days (issues with ipledge), and on the third day I started to get one unruly little pimple. And then there were two. The number has grown exponentially and now it's up to four. Noooo! I wonder i
  12. Aww sweetie! It will get better! You know it's just the skin purging all the junk under the surface. If this is your IB and it's getting out of control, you should seriously take a quick trip to the derm and see if they can prescribe you an oral antibiotic to help with the inflammation so that it's more manageable. I know a lot of people go on Prednisone during the IB and supposedly it helps a lot. And if it makes you feel any better, I am also in week 5 and suddenly started spouting a few brea
  13. Good luck with everything! Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I also noticed your extensive vocabulary and lack of grammatical errors. It's quite refreshing. Keep that up.
  14. Just wanted to check in with you since we started around the same time....I hope you're doing well!! I understand how frustrating it gets when you see improvement and then break out again. But I fully believe that it will get better by the end of this treatment! A few months from now we will be singing to a completely different tune. Did you feel like the first month flew by? I sure feel like it did. May all the other months go by just as quickly. Oh, and you listed not wanting to get up in
  15. Hey girl! I was just stopping to check in and see how you've been doing, since we started right around the same time. It sounds like you're having a relatively smooth ride so far so that's good!! Seeing as how we are both "college girls," I can definitely relate to how frustrating it is to have acne issues right now. I wish that I had done this in high school at the first hint of acne. But there's no point in regrets...we are going to have clear skin before we know it!! Have you started class