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  1. beachbum: Your very user name in itself implies to me that you are a fun-loving person! I'm sorry that acne has literally scarred your life, but you are not alone and I'm sure you know that. Suicide? Don't do it! Just say NO! I've never met you, but just stick around with the rest of us and keep fighting; I feel you are not a quitter. Here's what I do sometimes when I get depressed about my acne scars: 1) Watch a very funny movie. One that has pulled me through some tough times is "Dum
  2. TCA peels are dangerous, and one possible side effect that greedy doctors don't tell you about is a permanent inability to tan. I know, because it happened to me. Left me with many scars, also, and worsened the redness in my complexion. TCA peels should be banned.
  3. Denise2: Do you think your decreased pore size is permanent, or will you have to stay on the PD RALA to maintain the results?
  4. Thanks for the reply, Rupert. I am getting to be a little leary of Retin-A, from several people claiming scarring. It may be like playing roulette. ------------------------------------------------------------- Scorpion Vixen: In 2000, I had an 11% Accupeel, which is equivalent to a 35% TCA liquid peel, and is supposedly safer. I had nothing but negative results from it. Abnormal skin texture, huge pores, existing acne scars more prominent, several small raised burn scars, bright red
  5. Wow, thanks for the lightning fast reply! Can you describe the instrument that was used to needle you? Finally, were you told that you would need multiple treatments, and not to expect any huge differences, each time? Thanks, again!
  6. Rupert: I agree with you about Accutane causing scarring in some cases. It's well known that it makes the skin more fragile. I'm concerned about your statement about how vitamin A derivatives applied externally can cause scarring. I'm not disputing that, but I've had good luck with Retin-A before my catastrophic TCA peel over 3 years ago. After that unfortunate event, Retin A hasn't seemed to help near as much, but it definitely hasn't caused me any further scarring, yet. Other than ane
  7. Good luck, OursFan! I have a question: I remember reading where you were having your first needling session. What improvement, percentage wise, would you say you received? How long did the redness persist? How soon did you feel comfortable being seen in public after needling? Are there any permanent "holes" from the needle(s)? If you've already answered these questions, I'm sorry, but I don't recall the details of your first needling experience. I'm considering it, too, but I c
  8. I also have rosacea. The Aura laser reduced my overall facial redness 40-50%. What's neat, too, is that you start seeing some of these results the next day. I paid $300 for full face treatment and it was worth more than that considering the results! I think I could continue to benefit with even more treatments, but I'm holding off, for right now, because I'm not made out of money! Other things that have been beneficial since my Aura treatments have been FaceDoctor soap, which contains Sea
  9. JLP: I saw results within the first week. There is a day here or there in the first two weeks when your skin may look a little worse, explained by a build-up of dead mites killed by this soap. After that, nothing but improvement. Directions dictate that you use the soap 1-2 times daily, especially before bed, and leave it on 2 minutes. Simply wash off after that and you're done. The soap is a little drying, but I like that, since I have oily skin. I don't know if people without rosa
  10. I use Herbal Facedoctor, which I found in a health store for about $11 for a 3.5oz. bar. It promises to kill the Demodex mite, which almost everyone has in their facial skin. In some people, these little critters cause red, lumpy skin, rough skin and enlarged pores. After using this soap, I can attest that it does work. The soap is very hard and is supposed to last about 3 months or more when used as directed. I've been using it for a month, and it's not even half gone, yet. The smell
  11. Has anyone used Seabuckthorn Oil? I have a Chinese facial soap that contains this active ingredient. I have found it has noticably reduced facial redness. Good product. I was thinking about ordering the pure oil, but wondered if anyone has tried it?
  12. I have had 2 of them. Yet another deceitful "magic potion" touted by derms and plastic surgeons. Any improvements I had were for a day or two, then it was as if nothing had happened. Worthless, IMO.
  13. Wow, kailua, this is an inspiration! You are so kind to document your positive results to the forum. I've about come to the conclusion that some form of needling is the best thing for my scars. My scars individually aren't that bad, but I have so many and they're so close together that my skin texture is horrid under harsh lighting. 50% improvement is astounding! I sure hope that you keep all that plus see more improvement over time. Please keep us posted on your progress. Oh, and thank
  14. I don't think ALA works for scarring. I've scoured the internet and have been waiting for some believable testimonials. None exist that I can find. I wanted to believe...another empty promise, most likely. Unfortunately, I don't have faith in any topicals currently being used to combat scarring. Strong peels, Retin-A, & copper peptides may have some minor merit, but only for shallow superficial scars, I'm guessing. That doesn't mean I'm not constantly on the lookout for some "mirac