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  1. Something isn't working so it's most likely the moisturizer and/or cleanser? Hmm, you have some weird logic there. It couldn't possibly be the fact the BP simply isn't working now, could it? The healthy diet is about the only thing you wrote that could possibly help acne, but not cure it. The best thing people can do once you've been told they tried BP for 3 months and it didn't work is to SHUT UP. You're just going to cost people more time and money for something that was never going to work
  2. I'm sorry you don't like to hear the truth. I'll let you get back to your sure fire methods of dealing with acne, the same methods that incidentally don't work for 95% of people.
  3. Yes acne can be caused by sexual issues. Not the answer people want to hear. This doesn't mean to say everyone with acne is really suffering sexual issues, but there is a strong correlation in the patients we see. Stress is the biggest factor however and no cream, gel or lotion will fix that. You see, you can't treat stress with cream which is what people are basically trying to do. There is very strong evidence linking stress and sex with acne. This has been known for a very long time. Like
  4. None of what I have posted is incorrect. Yet here we are with people continuing to post months after taking the usual advice from people like you who STILL end up with their acne condition at the end of it all. If something doesn't work, try more of the same on the of chance it will work next time - that seems to be the theme. Unless you are trying to say that all these people who have not had any luck with BP are lying? The cold hard fact is topicals do not usually work to treat people with
  5. And the regimen has also not worked for so so many more people.Acne is almost ALWAYS caused by stress relating to hormones. Sometimes that also includes sexual issues. Again, it's not the answer people want to hear which is why I get the criticism, whilst all the time you end up with the acne issue.
  6. I'm quite free to be here. Just because you don't like what you read doesn't mean to say others feel the same way. It's about time people actually woke up to smell the coffee. What more and more people are disappointed with are people like you coming in with the old 'my daughter cleared up' routine, you will too. Evidently, most people do not clear up and you add nothing with your 'success' story. There are other posts where people have claimed their own urine cleared them up. What next, dog s
  7. Yes, remaining positive and having good luck is about the only thing one has. I haven't quoted your full post intentionally. I did not say your daughter wasn't suffering from acne due to hormones. Most people with acne do suffer due to hormones however. And whilst I truly hope your daughter does stay clear, I will say 6 months is no time at all to confirm that something will continue to work several more months out. Time and time again I have seen people go back to their original condition afte
  8. You should elaborate what you GUYS mean by 'most' cases...sadly no acne company does this A lot of people who report success with Benzoyl Peroxide didn't even have acne in the first place, or at least only very very mild. A lot of people also would have cleared up just the same without anything applied to their skin.
  9. Millions of people? I don't think so. For some people, it works for a few months before the acne returns. For some other people, it doesn't work at all. For yet some more people, it makes their acne worse. And finally for a small selection of people, it works, whilst having to maintain it of course. The point being, it generally does not work for the majority. There is nothing wrong with Dan's BP, it just happens to be a decent 2.5% product for use by those who it does work for. Most people wi
  10. The majority of people are not going to be able to treat their acne from topical 'medication'. Until people realize this reality, the condition will remain. Buying topicals has become an obsession for most people because it is the only thing they know to do. There does come a point however when one must realize that it does not matter what you put on your skin, it will not work. It can be a tough psychological barrier to break, but just think about how much time, effort and money you've put into
  11. lol ok, and we're supposed to take the word of one guy on the internet as opposed to the millions of others (including researchers on this subject) who say otherwise? Millions of others who say what exactly? If you mean they say using harsh chemicals on the skin treats acne, then they are wrong, evident from the millions of people who say they've tried every single topical under the sun yet still have acne! People are being held back from treating their condition due to these same so-called
  12. Obviously BP just doesn't work for you, like so many other people. Discover what the cause of the acne is and take things from there. Stressed?..... Then you must find a way to manage it. Not getting sex?.... Then you need to shack up with someone you fancy and make love every night.
  13. Natasha, sorry to hear this. It sounds like BP was going to work for you before your body said enough is enough. Are you stressed? Are you getting enough sex or any sex at all. This is where you need to start, at the root of the problem.
  14. You probably need a better way to deal with the acne. Topicals don't usually help the majority of people. Are you getting enough pleasure in your life? Enough sex, or any sex at all? Stress and hormones are closely linked in acne patients. Try having passionate sex more... If you're not with a sexual partner you will have to try pleasuring yourself such as playing with your butthole and pretending it's a hot girl doing it to you.
  15. Using harsh chemicals on the skin usually does not clear acne, no matter how hard you try to believe otherwise. It just doesn't work like that. All BP does is kill a bit of bacteria and cause dry skin. Acne is really not a bacteria problem anyway, everyone has p acnes bacteria, even people who don't have acne. The cause of acne is typically stress related, sometimes with sexual difficulties. People who lack sex often get acne for example... It's sexual frustration that causes hormones to get o