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  1. Damnit.... if that's true then it sucks...it means that once you start eating healthy, you can never cheat by eating junk food... I've just changed my mind about beating acne with diet. If the aftermath is that once you start, you can never go back... then I'll try to beat acne in another way... and I was just starting on a diet... well I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles lol(or something like that).
  2. Ok, so after years of battling acne with hundreds of topicals and different supplements (including Dan's regimen, which made my skin horribly red and I stopped it for that reason - even though it did clear my acne), I've decided that it's time to do something which I've been reisisting for a long time, I've decided it's time to change my DIET! To tell you the truth, I'm really confused about these anti-acne diets, because they all say different things: -Eat only alkaline food, that's the key t
  3. I love you people, always so helpful First off I'll try what Incubus said and just moisturise my skin and then use jojoba oil to lock in the moisture, perhaps it is just damaged skin and the damage will subside in a month or two, who knows... If that doesn't work I'll treat it as seborrheic dermatitis and use domething for that (I'll order something with good reviews off Drugstore or a simmiliar site) - but I don't really think it's seborrheic dermatitis, because my skin doesn't itch and isn'
  4. Well, the money is more a sign of the fact how desperate I am (though I would give the money for anything that helps - of course I would test your brilliant ideas first, I'm not really rich, so I can't shower you guys with money) I used steroid creams for about 2 weeks and a half and that was six months ago (I really doubt this thinned my skin, but I know steroid creams can do that). The thing is, the steroid creams didn't reduce my redness AT ALL. Not even for a day and used them regularly for
  5. YOU GUYS ARE MY LAST HOPE!! I've registered on these forums a long time ago (almost exactly a year ago and was very active and constantly on the boards for a few months, and now I'm back after about 6-7 months. I started out as most of you, with the CSR, I used it, it was fine, but then I did something very wrong. I always had red skin on the regimen (since the very beginning) and it was very dry too, but I then found jojoba oil and incorporated it into the regimen, so my skin wouldn't be
  6. You spamming retards really sadden me

  7. the red icon means the person is online (browsing the boards), while the gray icon means he's offline
  8. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=116982
  9. I don't mean to scare you, but I've got rosacea from using jojoba oil before BP. Since jojoba is a carrier oil, the skin will be deeply irritated by using BP on top of it. If you have no redness by doing this, it's fine, but if you are red, using jojoba oil this way certainly won't help. If you have flaking problems, you should use it with the moisturiser - as is Dan's preffered method.
  10. I would advise the paleo diet man. If you can handle it financially and have the discipline to only eat certain foods I think you should try that. It's like a last resort for acne, since it takes $ and a lot of discipline, but if you still give a fuck you should do that. Check out Dan's Paleo Diet log, he has been off the regimen for a looong time now, with no breakouts whatsoever (perfect skin). I'm not saying that if it works for Dan it works for everyone, but based on the research by Dr. Cord
  11. Dan I salute you for keeping up with this diet and striving to help others in the battle against acne. I believe that with some sort of diet, your acne will definetly be cleared. The paleo diet is probably one of the best, if not the best, but another great thing is a diet where you slowly find only the food that don't break you out. So you basically start with foods that are 100% to not break you out, then continue adding foods slowly and see how your skin reacts. This is a way to eliminate all
  12. Is it possible to achieve a good complexion while on the CSR? This varies from person to person. Only you will see later on if you'll lose the redness or keep it. Some people (like Dan, as Piznti said) have a flawless complexion despite BP's harshness, while others never achieve a perfect complexion and continue struggling with redness and burned looking skin. I've tried to figure this out, but in a month of research I found nothing. There isn't even a logical explanation for the BP harden
  13. I would be careful with redness & the regimen. First of all, I wouldn't use jojoba if your even slightly red and I wouldn't get my hopes up to high for the redness ever stopping while still on the regimen. Now what I'm about to say shouldn't scare you off the regimen, but I have diagnosed rosacea after using jojoba oil + Benzoyl Peroxide and not caring about the burning/redness. It's definetly from BP+jojoba, and my dermatologist confirmed that. Since before BP I have also never had red sk
  14. I'd say put it under acne types as acne rosacea. I disagree that it should be in the light/laser therapy section. I mean how is that related, except the fact that laser/light therapy can also be used to treat rosacea? And besides, there are other treatments for rosacea than laser/lights.