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  1. I've read some stuff on here about Head and Shoulders shampoo helping out with acne. It's due to the Zinc in it. Also on the bottle it says that it reduces swelling/inflammation and redness. try that for inflammation. Just wash your hair as normal and wash yor face with it after you rinse your hair.
  2. ^^^Make sure that you do wash your face with a light cleanser everyonce in a while though. Nothing exfoliating as that seems to not help. OLAY foaming face wash for sensitive skin is nice and it moisturizes as well.
  3. Looked all over the internet but can't seem to find any definitive outlines regarding the benefits/drawbacks of the two. Bascially just want to know the differences/effectiveness between them.
  4. AS for the PIH the Clearasil made my skin looks really good. not glossy or oily just nice firm looking skin. So I guess No.
  5. I really do think that there is a cure for acne. As FieryLove said it would put a lot of companies out of business or in a downward financial spiral if it was introduced. Acne is a fairly simple condition and there's no way there hasn't been a cure yet. Acne is a financially based conspiracy. Fuck the gov't. They introduced AIDS and don't have a cure??? Come on now.
  6. Shaving fucks my skin up. Check my topic in the OTC Medication forum on Energizing Acne Scrub. I've got a Fusion blade which is ok with irritation but I noticed less irritation with dry shaving and cold water on the razor??? strange but successful.
  7. Anyone else use this stuff??? Worked great for me until I ran out. But more is on the way thanks to eBay's great deals. It's a salicylic acid exfoliating (fairly gentle) scrub. Really really helps out on after shaving acne. I use it in conjunction with Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cream Cleanser (use about a dime sized amount and about a quarter sized amount of the clearasil). I only use it in the shower which is once a day. I'll combine the two cleanser into one "paste" and then wash my face for abo
  8. What I'm planning to do is start a 4 month prescription of 100mg of Tetracycline daily in July (to calm/clear my skin before Accutane and help prevent any initial breakout). After that 4 months is up I will then start on a 60-70mg daily of Accutane for about 5 months. Is there any problem with using those two drugs back to back? I know the other way around is not a good idea seeing as how Accutane stores itself in you fat cells for months after use. I'd really appreciate ANY feedback especially