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  1. I also had that sticky feeling and waxy shine on my skin while I was on Accutane. I noticed it at first when my skin started peeling. Due to other side effects I gave up on this drug after 3 weeks. Now, a month later I still have the same issue. My skin is still dry but looks oily due to the waxy/shiny look. I asked my derm about it, but didn't really get an answer. He said it could have been an allergic reaction...? I'm really freakin' out. I look worse now than before I started with Accutane.
  2. I started on Accutane mainly because of oily skin and a few painful cysts (due to hormonal changes). Big mistake! I stopped the treatment after 2 weeks because I couldn't deal with the side effects. Now, 2 months later I still have dry skin, but what bothers me is that the skin is super sticky (while moist) and shiny, it kind of has a waxy look! Is my skin dehydrated? I moisturie twice a day (Effaclar H) but it doesn't help. It is also very fragile, and somehow numb and I also feel like a burni