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  1. Yea, so we've been in fact over-CSRing in the past. I guess this makes sense. I thought about the implication of the body in a sleep state would help the BP but damn, BP is only having reactions with the bacteria... I'll try that starting tonight and will post results 7 days later
  2. It's not because it's 5% that it cleans more... 2.5% does the job really fine. But I've been using 5% BP (panOxyl) in the past, made my skin REALLY dry, didn't have moisturizer at that time. My acne didn't get worse nor better...
  3. Only if you directly apply on clothes I got some of my washing clothes bleached because I removed the excedent of BP on it. Green and whiteish yellow isn't really great looking... Just make sure the BP is fully absorbed by your body and then you can wear your clothes
  4. salicylic acid is used to removed dead skin. It shouldn't "kill" your skin. Is the region where it's red still feel like it's filled with something? I'd assume the part you are talking about is between your eyebrows, if so, touch your forehead, if it's the same sensation, you're fine Otherwise, it might just be temporary. You might want to apply aloes as it generally help when you got wounds or similar. It often helps me to remove the pain from the acne.
  5. What are the number beside? The quantities of it in the lotion? Could you be a bit more precise about the recipe?
  6. Well, I think at night because you'll allow your skin to breath during your sleep which will help him to remove dead skin and regenerate more easily. Nothing proved here, but it's my opinion. I've often got a great skin for 3-4 days after I did that "method".
  7. Placebos effect? It might be that their recipe work better for you. There are thousands of parameters.
  8. The more you think about it, the more impact it will have on your life. If you don't care about acne, it'll go away with time. It's because you give it too much attention that it's getting worst. If I were you I'd start working on those depression first. Being in depression is only because you accepted to. Don't accept to be depress and act against it. If for example you're depressed, you'd normally listen to sad music but this won't help, it's just doing the opposite effect. Listen to happy mu
  9. How can you drink that much? Did you had any physical activities? 130 oz would be like 16 big glasses of water which would be taken approximately each hours (16 awaken hours, 8 sleeping hours = 24 hours) Like Weee mentionned, it's dangerous to drink too much water as it can lead to low sodium which would possibly lead to coma or even death. Go check out for more about hper hydratation on wikipediaL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperhydration Doesn't really matter. You just pay for your
  10. Sounds good so far. If you weight about 108 lbs, that would have been the good amount of water to drink. Amount of water to drink = Your weight (in lbs) /2 = Amount of water to drink (in oz) Ex. 128 lbs/2 = 64 oz > 8 bottles of 8 oz water.
  11. It's approximately 4 small glasses of water (250mL).
  12. As I was taking courses this semester involving chemistry, we were in the section about pHs and I thought that there was a possible correlation between acne and your skin pH. I did a quick search online and collected some result and I put them in a post on my blog you can read, it's titled Acne: a question of pH Basically, I state that the skin needs to be acid in order to prevent acne vulgaris procreation so soap with non controled pH are to avoid at all cost as they'll help to create a good e
  13. Best treatment EVER! Fast, efficient. The day after I had drank 1.75 L of water, there was no more bump on my face, my acne was recovering, redness was fading away. But 3 days later I had a breakthrough but I assume this is due to those spots that were there before just waiting for the moment they'll get cleaned. Being perseverant should do the trick and in a month it should help you keep a clean skin without too much problem + it's really good for your health. I'm also thinking about investing
  14. I've used PanOxyl in Gel and AquaGel format. I have difficulties stating it "is" working. Much more like a placebos effect. I've also tried Salicylic Acid which did help for a period of time until it just didn't work anymore. It's strange that acne work in cycles. I mean, I can go from clean to really bad then go back to clean. I guess there is a hidden factor that control that "crap".
  15. Wow, I had exactly the same experience. I started drinking 7 glasses of 250 mL (up to 1.75L) and the next day, no more bump, my acne was fine. The next day, it's still fine. Third day, I can feel bumps coming back (pus). I'm now day for and it's back to day 0, back when I hadn't started drinking any water. One of my explanation, though might just be for me, is that even though I kept drinking the required amount of water, it wasn't consistently, meaning it wasn't each and every 2 hours. On day