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  1. Peqkx

    My scars

  2. my local anesthetic is a shot of scotch. seriously...then i grit my teeth and jackhammer away.
  3. you need to upload it to the internet first - use imageshack http://imageshack.us/ then send us the direct link.
  4. I'm going on my 4th needling session and had a question. When sticking the needle in, i always poke it straight up and down multiple times for each scar to try to cover the entire scar. My question is woud it be better for me to stick the needle in, then move it around in a circular-type movement instead of repeated stabs? would this work better than the "machine gun" method?
  5. i swelled up instantly my thrid time needling. the first two weren't as bad.
  6. well needlers use mostly those diabetic lancent (small needles) which have very short tips, so i press it down to the end of that point (to where you hear the popping sound) it's maybe 1/8 of an inch or so.
  7. im just gonna disinfect some of that copper sponge stuff you use to clean up oil and scrub my scars with it
  8. Should I get Supercop cream or just the super cp serum for an after-application of copper peptides for needling? it will have been 1 month since my last needling and i want to use a copper peptide cream this time. (have seen good results so far) or are they the same product just in a different form? http://www.skinbio.com/orderacneproducts.html#acnescars
  9. Needling works, it just takes time, and when i say time i mean about a year or more. I'm so sick of soooo many of you writng how needling is a farce, when you've only tried it once, you NEED to puncture the scar many times (50) each scar, and hit the scar edges, and so fourth. When the blood rolls down keep wiping it off with alcohol, then puncture it over and over again. Wait one months time, sometimes a month and a half, i have to tell you guys, the results are very gradual, it's not like P