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  1. I have like 6 more days of accutane. Recently i've been getting more dryness than i've had my entire course, which wasn't much. Accutane failed with my clogged pores. Accutane succeeded with the inflamed stuff. Not really a whole lot else to say. Maybe i'll get lucky and they'll clear in the 2 months or so that accutane is still in my body. Right now i'm looking into what I can do about these clogged pores. I might get them extracted for try Green cream. I'd prefer not to use tazorac as that
  2. Here's a pic of my left cheek before I had tane... this was probably about as bad as my acne ever got. left cheek
  3. Day 115 (June 19th = Day 116) Nothing really new has happened... still hoping those clogged pores go soon. Anyways, i'm going to keep this short and just post some pictures. I don't really have anything inflamed... just waiting for the clogged pores to go. Before accutane about once every week i'd get a large pimple from my clogged pores... but that doesn't happen anymore. My forehead might have gotten a little scarred from acne... but i had some minor scars from the Chicken pox as a kid. Fore
  4. I just wanted to add that my dermatologist told me I'd probably need to have manual extractions after accutane for the closed comedones that are stubborn.
  5. You are making me jealous. I'm 4 months in and haven't really noticed any progress in my clogged pores. Just a question, what brand of Accutane are you using? I guess it's different for everyone.
  6. Day 110 (June 14th is day 111): So... not much to report. My right side is looking pretty darn spectacular, although that side has always been the best. Maybe 1 clogged pored on my right cheek... if that. My nose has like 5 or 6 clogged pores.. i'm guessing they'll have to be manually extracted. My left cheek has about 5 clogged pores, no inflamed stuff and the red marks are sloooowly fading. The forehead... hmmph. Well, i have maximum of 5 clogged pores across the entire forehead, but lots
  7. Day 104: You know... i think I MIGHT be seeing improvements. Knock on wood. I still have like 7 or 8 clogged pores on my forehead(including between the eyebrows), but I would say at one time I might have had 30-40. I've got a few clogged pores on my left cheek and maybe one on my right. No clogged pores near my left or right side burns. Maybe 6 or so on my chin, although 3 have come out within the last week. Nothing is inflamed anywhere... although the only reason I ever got inflamed spots was
  8. Day 101(not counting June 4th yet) Hm, nothing really new. Less clogged pores on forehead and it appears there are less on my cheeks. I picked up some jojoba oil and have been mixing that in with my moisturizer. It seems to be working well, although I've only had it for like 5 days. There have been like 4 or 5 weird looking white "inflamed" spots coming up on my left cheek. They don't look like clogged pores and don't hurt, but they are like skin colored inflamed spots. Either way these spots a
  9. congrats on your success, you look great. I've rarely had dry skin on my course and am into month 4 and use moisturizer mostly at night as a precautionary thing, did you use any moisturizer while on accutane?
  10. Very good post. I'm just wondering though about 1 thing. While on accutane did you have any clogged pores(closed comedones) or blackheads? And if so, have any came back? Also, did you get the large initial purge that some people get where theres strands and stuff coming out of many pores? I would like to apply that same "routine" after my accutane course, but it sounds like my derm wants me on a retinoid afterward, and I'm highly considering that as well.
  11. Day 91: I almost don't like posting logs... it makes me look and examine my face more often. Anyway, I went to the derm yesterday and he said my labs were perfect, although when looking at them myself I noticed my triglycerides were 150/152 which kind of scared me, but at the same time I forgot about the no food after midnight rule and ate at like 5 am and got my blood taken at about 10:30 am. Anyways onto my face. My derm said my acne is looking much better, but I might have to have manual ext
  12. Day 84: Two tiny spots came up around my right sideburns, i'm sure they'll be gone when i wake up tomorrow. My forehead is looking a tad better today and not so worrysome, although it still has a ways to go. One spot came up on my left jaw line... maybe just be from dryness and irritation from shaving and thankfully isnt a painful, nor huge spot. 3 clogged pores came out today on my cheeks, 3 on my forehead. Sounds like a lot came out, but it's not after counting the clogged pores on my face. I
  13. Day 83: Decided to post my update earlier in the day today so the date on the forums matches my actual days. One word basically describes my forehead today: Blah. These clogged pores are so lame. Most had disappeared and then I wake up this morning and a ton more are there. My cheeks seem to be looking better and better each day and the few clogged pores on my cheeks are going 1 by 1. My left and right sideburns are 99% better than when I started accutane. But wow, my forehead is getting me do
  14. Days 81 & 82: No new inflamed spots... it appears there are a few more clogged pores that are on the edge of coming out and don't seem like the kinds that will get inflamed during the process. I'll add a side effect today though, i've noticed if I bend over it feels as if my back is real stiff and hurts some to straighten out. Not a big deal for me.