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  1. I hope this is in the right area. Background: I’m 26. I’ve had acne since I was around 14. Probably never what you would class as severe acne, but it has been a constant thing for all those years. Every day I used to wake up with a handful of new pimples, some days would be particularly bad with large outbreaks on various parts of my face. They were and are usually always white heads. Once one breakout started calming down another or more than just one would replace it. Thus for many y
  2. I drink rice milk that contains chickpeas for added protein. Almond milk is nicer but I cant get it in my area. This is how I'd rate the different milks in order of best for you to worst for you (baring in mind this varies for different peoples of course) best - Almond Milk Rice milk Soy milk worst - Dairy
  3. There could have been many other reasons besides the scarring. Although I know depression is like a spiral where the smallest worry can grow into a huge issue I'm kind of curious as to how bad his scarring was if that was indeed the main reason behind this. Rest well mark..
  4. I've been doing an aspirin mask and found its been great. But from the sounds of this mine has been too weak. I put in about 4 crushed aspirin in some green tea with a squirt of aloe vera. It sounds like this is using alot more. Any more info? ps. Thanks for posting this
  5. That would explain the mysterious bump on my head and those compromising photographs... :think: Seriously, though, my wife is teh spiff! Your the husband?
  6. When I eat a large amount of certain foods, nuts in particular, my tongue gets small sensitive bumps on the tip. It only lasts for maybe 15 minutes. Anyone know whats going on with this?
  7. There's nothing wrong with my urine. It didn't burn any more than apple cider vinegar I guess Im just trying to justify why I dont do it anymore.. when the real reason is its freaking urine on my face :)
  8. I've tried applying urine to face. It didn't work for me. In fact if anything it was too strong, I could feel it burning. I've tried drinking my own urine once also, not really for the health benifits its just on my list of things to do before I die. Same as having an enema. Tick! and Tick! If you want to be technical about it though I didnt actually 'drink' it.. It got about halfway down my throat before coming back up (I think it was the intense taste as well as the fact that it was still ver
  9. I enjoyed your story Im male, but Im like you in that I'm completely oblivious when someone flirts with me, and completely niave that what I consider just being friendly/bantering might be considered to be flirting. Literally months later I've realised that certain girls where not just bantering with me but flirting. And I was totally blind to it at the time. I think that most guys would have to have some kind of attraction to you to ask you out. Not just because they consider you to be easy.
  10. I haven't been on accutane, but my nose also had hundreds of blackheads from several years of acne. They haven't completely gone yet but its a hell of a lot better and I am confident that eventually they will get better and better. Dont take this as gospel, its just something that has worked for me, maybe it will be helpful to you also - There is several different methods I used - 1 - I did an aspirin mask daily for about two weeks (theres plenty of posts on here about them) then took it down t
  11. You are the master I've used my own piss on my face. And I've drunk my own piss (it didn't stay down long)
  12. I live only two minutes from the beach, but its cold Victorian water and its winter here (Australia) So I filled up some containers with sea water and brought it home to put in the bathtub. Then I put in some hot water from the tap to warm it up a bit. Then I got in the bath and soaked for awhile. It was unbelievably soothing! Not just for the face but the whole body. You can feel a warm tingle all over your body from the salt water. I actually lay face down in the bath with a snorkle so I cou
  13. crap that burn looks bad. I've been applying ACV for the last week, jst using a small bit of cottonwool that covers only the wart. Its turned dark brown now (no vinegar burn on surrounding skin) How much longer must I keep this up before it goes? And did it just fall off for you or shrink?
  14. I've been putting ACV on with cotton wool and sticky tape. It is shrinking it, not sure if it will work though.