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    <br />I like singing, writing, the org, etc
  1. It might actually be okay. I use mine once a day but it was hard for me to get used to it so I'm sure he is right. Next time you have an appointment, ask him for sure. You seem to be doing a slightly different regimen than me though... because i don't know what doxy is but i bet your derm sounds right
  2. hey! im on the exact same regimen as you (as perscribed by my derm) and I'm the same age! i also like singing. i just thought that was a tad strange...anyway, my derm told me to use differin only twice a week? does that sound weird to you? lol

  3. That face wash kit does make the skin tight but if you use good moisturizer then your face feels better.
  4. I am seeing improvement and so are other people. I use a bp face wash with it so that helps a bunch too..
  5. I don't know how long I should be taking my solodyn(mino) because the first doctor I had said 3 months and the new doctor had no clue. He didn't tell me ANYTHING.
  6. I've heard from other people that 50 is just as effective as 100 but I take around 90... Other people take a different amount because they weigh more or less though.
  7. I thought that was hilarious, although it would be virtually impossible. lol
  8. It's kind of helping but it's causing a breakout right now and my face is pretty dry. I've only been using it for two weeks though.
  9. I forgot about that research about less being just as good. lol. I got a different dermatologist this time so I have to quit the medication on my own. That's rather dumb, I think! My doctor should have told me that I needed to quit the next month. Anyways, I think it works but it's just that I have redmarks that are lingering.
  10. I'm on 90 mg and seeing improvement, but only with a topical.
  11. We may be able to eat a little differently, but we still need to eat healthy. Don't you think that our ancestors were active in their lifestyle too?
  12. I really don't know about this. It sounds so good to me, yet I have no clue.
  13. We had finals too. I understand how you feel about that. :\