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  1. hello guyz!! i sufferred from acne last 2months, and its not really good. everyday is a depressed day for me. but now, im on a pill the diane 35, i already had my first cycle and it really really helps me alot. yes, i still have pimples coming out but its only red no more bumps and yellowish things inside and after three days it will disappear. now i can feel half of my face while washing our all clear skin unlike before so rough. sharing my experience to all of you. thank you;)
  2. hello i watch once a youtube the doctor said u can see the effect for after 3months, so need to be patient on products but some says 3 weeks...maybe it depends on how ur skin reacts. but its good u stop, same experience i have 2months of using ..worst worst..but now its all healing. godbless!!!
  3. hi.. i used birth control pills before, the diane 35 and it really works for me..as in 90% clear skin,the 10% is when i get some bumps before menstruation. but now i stop this pills for 4 months and boom breakout breakouta, like you hate it and ashame goinf out of the house added that i used product not good in my skin. stay positive;)
  4. hi raymund☺ i stop all the cleanser and toner things, just only moistirizer very mild moisturizer i used when i have work then during my day off as in no..no more cleanser toner mositurizer, i let me face breathe once in a while. . and thats what i notice..actually i only started this 3 steps just 3 minths ago,i want to try them thinking it wouldnt damage my face, by the way i have oily sensitive acne prone skin. but i was wrong so wrong trying allt his products. now i went back to basics
  5. actually i stop all the product i used and im using only mild soap thats it!i always stay positive that everyhting will be okay but everytime i look in the mirror, no chance of getting better. thanks @jack.. @raymund hi!really?what did you do, i mean did you use some products to lessen the redness in the face? hope your okay, as they say stay positive!!!
  6. hi jack.. thank you.. yes for 2 months but this is different, pimples heal but another one pop out and the pimples are red, swollen then after 3 days like pustules appear:( hate to say this pustules..and now my face is so rough i can feel it in my hands..oohhh;( dont know what did i do wrong...
  7. hi @jakitoy yes im trying all required products they said could reduce acne but still it didnt stop:( so depressing.. sometimes i feel the inflammation, swollen,the tingling sensation inside..now i stop all, just plain soap no toner, only moisturizer only in the morning. thats it!!what will i loose i already have this:( goodluck to me, im tired!! hello @skwisgarr thank you for the suggestion, maybe i should try to change the food i eat slowly.. now im starting to drink lemon juice ever
  8. hey guys!! i always read forum here in this site to make me feel better to those who lift you up when times so rough and people hate you, insulted because you have acne. yes, i am suffering acne now for 2 months already and i really hate myself looking at thw mirror everyday:( i tried some products and itbgit worsens, now mark marks plus acne...really my heart wants to crash (sign of depression, yes) im neglecting them but still i can see in their eyes looking at the redness and swollen bum
  9. hi.. yes i tried that clindamycin but mine is a solution, yes like an alcohol toner. i really regret that i stop that product, best product i ever used. like a pimple is there inflamed and swollen and it lessen the inflammation. nice product.. now i dont know where to buy a clindamycin solution.
  10. im afraid to use benzoyl peroxide, later it will cause breakout like the clean and clear i used before.. yes i notice if in use tea in a product it really works well in my skin,like the foundation i bought before. can you suggest some products containing tea or any herbal content? so hate now my face, one acne is heal then there goes another one:( paiges, thanks a lot for the info and suggestion..give me hope:)
  11. now i stop using cleanser the clean and clear and cetaphil, but still using the toner and scrub once a week.. yes your right, maybe i over used those products dying to see those clear skin result, but getting worst. for now im only using mild soap a toner at night,then i noticed my pimplea drying out. and for make up, yes but only bb cream and and powder,is it okay? or i need to stop this products? my problem with my pimples, once have of it dries up there is another one fresh coming out, i
  12. hello dear, i am mimai, 27, i have been sufferring from acne since my teen days. never a time of life i have been acne free there is always an acne, inflamed, red bumps in my face. now im 27 (help me!i want to die) , i dont know what happened but there is more acne in my face. i have sensitive oily skin. these are the products i used for the first time in my life and i felt my acne worsen: 1. clean and clear 2. celeteque acne toner 3. clean and clear oil free mositurizer. now im using: 1.