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  1. Hello everyone. I am posting to expand upon what my previous post was ( how I believed I got rid of my acne) and I wanted to share what I believe is significantly improving my scars. So on acne, I have a theory that a large portion of people have acne because of the food they digest or that they have such poor digestion, that it causes acne. When I began taking supplements to increase stomach acid and probiotics, I began to realize how poor my digestion had been, and also noted a great decrea
  2. So it started becoming worse after your breakup? that sounds stress related. I would recommend finding ways to help deal with the stress through working out, meditation, breathing techniques and etc....finding good friends to be with also helps alot with increasing happiness
  3. When you say your diet is good- what do you eat?
  4. I would strongly suggest cleaning up your diet with a natural diet. What do you usually eat?
  5. Lemon has been used effectively as a natural bleach/acid that will help your dark spots. Also contains vitamin C which is vital in collagen production!
  6. I believe that this will indeed work for everyone and if not, then a large majority. Like Hippocrates said in the quote I posted, I believe all disease stems from the gut. Some people's genetics are less predisposed to having acne. However, at some point I believe eating unhealthily with catch up to you eventually. It could be in the form of something else. Acne does not effect non-westernernized societies. This leads me to very much believe in the food/gut-skin correlation.
  7. Hello everyone. I have previously been a suffererer from severe acne for the last few years now. I wanted to come on here today because I would like to help people who have suffered like I have and also to prevent others from having to go through the pain that some of us have had to deal with. I have developed facial scarring from acne which has caused me even more considerable pain. However, I will get to that later and how I have been working through that challenge, and share what I believ