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  1. yup, just had some pizza and the smelly farts return!! its amazing that the results are that quick.
  2. I am glad to hear that the proboitics that I have been taking is paying off. I wasn't eating consistent doses of probotics --ever! Nice to know my gut is becoming healthier.
  3. wow, so thats what it means? ive been drinking alot of kombucha juices and grass fed yogurt. So, I guess they are not supposed to smell bad?
  4. Ever since I stopped most sugars and heavy carbs, my bowel movements and gas haven't smelled. Sounds weird, but is this normal? Should they smell?
  5. If its not grass fed meat and dairy, it will break out your skin. although, some people cannot tolerate dairy, grass fed meat rarely causes inflammation.
  6. I eliminated dairy for 10 months (sometimes had cheese) and I saw no difference. Of course, it could be different for you.
  7. I might have to stop using the steel cut oats and see if that prevents ALL acne. I do squats and heavy lifting so I do not know if some acne is related to that and/or food.
  8. Did you eat the pre-made raw meals? or dehydrated fruit veggies? Cuz the raw vegan diet got rid of all my acne but i broke out when i ate the pre-made raw food...I think it only works if you eat raw fruits or raw vegetables plain All raw. I was eating raw, organic blueberries/strawberries and salads for lunch. Face was very oily and my acne got worse. It was all the sugar and little fat in my diet.
  9. So to help acne, one must avoid bread, pasta, etc.? That sounds difficult :/ Congrats on curing your acne! I avoid pasta and bread and my face is much clearer. Since both are pro inflammatory, they are likely to bother acne.
  10. Even if the milk is from grass-fed cows, can't it still have hormones in it? If not, what milk do you drink? I drink Organic Valley milk right now, but I'm not sure if it can still contribute to acne even though it's organic. I was drinking trickling springs creamery from Whole Foods but decided this Erivan Yogurt is better due to the lack of homogenization. No hormones are added and they are grass fed cows. Yogurt has less sugar, more active cultures, and more nutrients!
  11. I started this diet last week and since I dont have a scale, I am unsure of any weight loss/gain. but, the author lost weight on this diet so that is impressive. I am 5'7 and I weigh 125lbs. I lost 10lbs in less than a month on the raw diet and my acne actually got worse. Hoping for consistent success.
  12. Grass fed dairy and Iceland butter seem to be fine for me. All store brand milks and butter are bound to cause problems. Try grass fed and see how that goes. I went dairy free for 10 months and still had awful acne. Getting my milk from a local, small farm where the cows are grass fed makes more sense to me. Since my state prohibits raw milk, the next best thing is grass fed, organic.
  13. Yes, it can cause acne. Even fruit. Limit fruit consumption and see if it helps.
  14. I also concur with another poster: high fat. Organic and grass fed.