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  1. Hey guys, I'm on summer break from college right now and I've been breaking out like crazy. On the other hand, during college I found an almost perfect regimen for myself which consisted of: neutrogena ots (used on the spot, i used to use dan's bp, but then i didn't need it anymore) dove bar soap with aloe vera and cucumber(i think it was this one, it was the green dove soap) and aveeno daily moisturizer very simple, i've never been clearer in my whole life, and i've tried a lot of other stuff
  2. i have these too. no idea what to do right now
  3. it's been over a week and it's still not here, i'm pissed.
  4. cut a aloe vera leaf in half, and run the juice on your face, works for me
  5. diet does not affect acne at all. what does affect acne is lifestyle changes. you wana stop eating fast food/chocolate/milk watever for a month? go for it! what will it do NOTHING you need to maintain this lifestyle for a long long time (months and years) and you will start clearing up my personal experience. since my freshman year( i'm a senior now) i have slowly cut out soda, junk food(chips/cookies/ etc that you buy at supermarket), fast food (mcdonalds burger king etc, NOT INCLUDING
  6. i don't think anyone has EVER said it was worse to have acne as a man than as a woman
  7. lack of confidence and looking like lack of confidence is 2 diff things
  8. tofu is unlimited... simple stuff - put a LITTLE bit of flower on your tofu, salt and some pepper, just a little bit, deep fry it. eat with soysauce with chili peppers crushed into the soysauce. if you ever decide to eat ramen, you can boil some tofu and put in there. limitless ways to make saucy foods like vegetables tofu and chicken or whatnot. stuff crushed meat/shrimp/onions into tofu and fry it or boil cook with curry powder
  9. i say OMG i have a pimple on my nose T_T to people who have less acne than me lol
  10. i cannot tell because your hair is covering your eyes, also some jogging + toning up will help i think.
  11. i use real aloe for my face just slice the leaf in half and rub on face. works great so i imagine the spray would be nice too!