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  1. I have had facial redness ever since i had acne, and my acne is now been clear for about a year after a course of accutane which i assume made the redness worse. I only have it on my whole face apart from around my eyes and when im cold etc its really noticible. This problem makes me feel worse than the acne vecause people know about acne but are like WTF when they see my face red. I dont think i have roscea because i dont get the facial flushing but just constant low redness which gets worse in
  2. your avatar is uber kute=)

  3. I have the same problem, tane really did ruin my skin
  4. Smyth1


    It is, when its in the wrong hands.
  5. How well would this work as a on the spot treatment. I know it wouldnt do your skin any good, but hey. Its sure gotta dry it out and quick.
  6. Im male, count me in. I have acne, red marks, scars, and flaky skin.
  7. How does sleep effect acne? When i get less sleep my acne seems to be calmer. anyone notice a diffrence?
  8. Smyth1


    Would steam help redmarks fade quicker?
  9. Hi 1990, Just wondering how long on adverage does it take for arrival? and thx for the help.
  10. I want a 30% peel but dont know where i can purchase it, apart from online but i cant be assed to wait for it. So i was just wondering if anyone knows where and the adverage price.
  11. I went to the derm when i had acne and went on accutane for 5 months. I didnt really think much of it then because i thought it just comes with the acne. I also tried just washing my face with water for a few months but that made no diffrence. My mum said she only noticed the redness in certain places after the accutane though.
  12. Ok so my acne has been gone for a year now, still red marks but they will go. My only problem is my skin colur is screwed. My whole face is still red apart from around my eyes and it goes purple when its cold and its really noticible. I dont know what to do, laser? peels? cosmetics? any help appreciated.