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  1. thanks guys for the feedback. I think I will just let it run its course. I mean its pretty much flat, its noninflamed...whatever happen will happen, just hope it doesnt scar as bad. i know its a cyst...it was huge when I first got it. For the zeno thing, can someone post or pm me an amazon link where i buy it?
  2. So I got a really big nasty cyst and I just let it run its course. I didn't try popping it or anything cause I didnt want to irritate it or cause scarring. Its been about 2 weeks now, and the inflammation has gone down considerably. However, whenever I lightly glaze over it, I can tell there is still some pus/blood in it that is floating between dead and new skin. I'm wondering, should I just let it run its course or should I do something?
  3. so i just got put on doxycycline and also epiduo creme which contains adapalene and bp. for night time i use johnson's baby wash cleanser and then put on the cream. if i were to use a moisturizer would it be best to use it at night after the cream? or should i just leave the epiduo on at night and then moisturize during the day? ive tried both but im not sure what is the most effective for treatment and also for dryness. also, would an aha lotion cause more dryness or would it help out?
  4. yo guys anyone want to help me out?
  5. Also, lol just noticed from my sig that back then I used Wash face with Aqua Glycolic Cleanser Apply Complex 15 should i perhaps try the aqua cleanser again??? i cant remember the results from it unfortuantely... :/
  6. well its actually a variant of OCM in which I used a cleansing oil which contained an emulsifier which essentially allows you to do the OCM method but a lot faster. I ordered the cleansing oil from http://www.purifiedskincare.com/purified_category6.html which contained the following: Cleansing Oil - sensitive #2 organic golden jojoba, caprylic/capric triglycerides, grapeseed oil, organic lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) and polysorbate 80 for oily/combo skin sale $15 I use it as directed
  7. yeah your second pic is exactly how my cheek is as well...interesting.
  8. howd your trip go? did you break out since you didnt have any evoo or fish oils?
  9. ugh no, if you checked first, i am indeed male sorry lol. I guess I could try aquaphor but Im not a big fan of petroleum, i feel like it makes it worse in the long run. i will try the ecolips though...where can you find it? cvs good? might try some and order some jojoba from dan... any other suggestions?
  10. I don't know why but my lips are getting dry even though its the summer. Its really confusing. I use complex 15 all over my face but I guess that is not enough? I need the max amount of moisture for my lips whether it being from a lip balm, chapstick, moistizer, oil, whatever! Just tell me
  11. damn i ran out of evoo but my mom has some regular olive oil. how will that fare for the time being before we can get some? should i even take it or would it be better that I just wait and not take it at all?
  12. For those struggling with the olive oil, I have a perfect solution. At first, I wasn't too fond of the olive oil taste, but it is a definite grower. I have found that I am getting used to it and I know like it a lot more. At first, I felt kinda sick eating but now I love it. So for those struggling, try this. The best and tastiest way to get in your olive oil is to use fresh hot toasted bread and olive oil and to ADD SEASONINGS TO THE OLIVE OIL. It will make it taste delicious. This is the one