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  1. Im encountering alot of whiteheads on my cheeks after using the baking soda and wondering if its normal? And how do I ease these whiteheads? Any advice? Thanks
  2. I remebered using toothpaste on my active acne and yes it help dried out the acne but after a couple of days it became worse. It got redder and hence it took me at least 3 months to fade.I really regret using it! So, no its not a wise decision to use it. BIG NO!
  3. Same here, but i believe it was more on the salt water that reduce the red marks! =)
  4. That's odd! For 7 consecutive days? why not try at the beach? it would probably give you a more substantial result? Give it a try =)
  5. Hello Markymark, too good to be true eh? well, i know it sounds impossible. Alright, it's been 5 days since i went to the beach and from what i can see at this point, all the red spots I used to have turned less visible. What do I mean by less visible? All the red spots turned to a very light pink kinda color and that is why I made a statement of 80% improvement. Currently, the pinkish spot is gradually fading. Initially, I thought the red mark would reappear but it didn’t. So I hope I a
  6. I'm considering to give it a try and was wondering if anybody has tried it? I would appreciate for the inputs! Thanks =)
  7. Mac has an excellent coverage however i broke out so badly. After 2 weeks of using it, it gave me little spots everywhere. So pissed! I stopped using it and went for everyday mineral and im loving it.
  8. Can you specify a little bit more? =) you mean on blemish wise or skin darkening?
  9. Whether swimming in the pool or at the beach, you'll see a much more clearer skin. Well on my part, i normally swim at the beach and within 4 hours (in and out) just in one day, i never felt happier. I had a lot of red spots (i mean alot) on both cheeks and forehead and WOW.... it turned less visible, 80% improvement. Unbelievable! I was so greatful but however i got darker >.<
  10. Icefire


    Forgot to mention that swimming at the beach for 4 hours giving me a realistic result, i was completely shocked compared to the seasalt-at-home for almost 2 weeks. i was planning swim at the beach every morning at least for 2 hours since there isnt much sun exposure compared in the afternoon.......
  11. Icefire


    Thanks for the input! That was quick =) I was considering not to since i've read alot of negative statement about tanning. I'll make myself really stupid by saying this, i didnt apply any SPF on and so i believe that was the main reason why i got darker. I considering going to the beach in the future event and i was wondering how can i avoid by not getting tan since i saw a substantial improvement on my skin ? What kind of lotion/ SPF should i apply? .... =) I also would like to point out that,
  12. Icefire


    Went to the beach 2 days ago and thought there will be no harm. I read about salt water would help reduce blemish skin. (sunlight + salt water = blemish free). Alright, swam for about 4 hours ( in and out), guess what?.... it did helped alot. I can honestly say that my skin got clearer (80% improvement) but the problem is I got darker, AS IN darker. And so, im thinking about going for tan.... In the first place, i never even considered going for tan. All i ever wanted was to simply swim as it w
  13. I just bought a container of vitamin E oil and im planning to use it as a moisturizer during the night. I was wondering if it would clog my pores... here are the ingredient: gycine soja (soybean) oil, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), coconut oil. any comment??
  14. It's been a week since I tried this cleanser and its giving me the result of alot breakout. Initially, I was using the gentle cleansing foam from Pond, absolutely fantastic. I've been using this for almost a year. I normally buy this product online since its not avaliable around here, but since I ran out, i impulsively bought this cleanser from St. Ives and its not good. Seriously no good - well on my part. After two days of using this damn cleanser, i realize three spot on my left cheek. Four d