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  1. I've had a few jaw breakouts last week >:( 2 Mondays ago, I started drinking acv again since I had a bottle in the fridge. I actually used to drink this religiously 2 years ago & it did help for months, but I stopped last year since I felt it wasn't doing much for my skin anymore. This time around I think it helped a little. I don't put anything on my bacne (except baby powder to keep it dry) but since drinking acv the bacne went down a bit. 

    On the Monday that just passed, I decided to visit a naturopath. I was kind of hoping she'd just give me a plethora of herbs to control my hormones / fight acne, but instead she suggested I change my diet for the next 4-6 weeks, then reintroduce the foods to see if they break me out.

    I won't lie, my diet is pretty awful. I hate veggies, fish, & basically anything that's good for me. Also, I eat a lot of bananas since I find them really filling with breakfast or a snack. However, my naturopath suggested I stop eating bananas, as well as gluten, white potatoes, dairy (which I was already avoiding), eggplants and red meat (both of which I don't eat). She also suggested that I drink lemon water every morning. Personally, I prefer drinking acv since lemon is so sour. I'm also supposed to start eating more veggies so I'm thinking about incorporating them in smoothies. My taste buds are really weird though so I'm scared I'll end up blowing money on ingredients to make something I'll throw down the sink :smileys_n_people_38:

    Anyway, since Monday I haven't added anything to my diet (yet) but I did cut the foods my naturopath suggested. Unless my eyes deceive me, I've only had one red (but pretty small) zit on my cheek. I'm hoping my skin gets better.
  2. Soooo the Garnier BB Cream was a bust. The shade was too light so I gave it to my mum. I will say, it seemed to have decent coverage when I put it on, but since it was the wrong colour, I immediately washed it off.

    Last night I did a mask using Aztec Healing Clay & diluted acv. I've been wondering lately if it's too harsh on my face though... Anyway, after washing off I moisturised with hemp oil. Then I made the mistake of going to bed with it for more than 12 hours O_O 12 hours without washing my face is bad enough, but covered with oil, no matter how non-comedogenic that oil is, is a bad idea. I woke up with my right jaw pretty bumpy :smileys_n_people_72: To top it off, I had cheesy breadsticks (but at least the pizza was cheeseless) tonight so I can expect a breakout over the next few days... No matter how many supplements I take or how good my topical treatments are, dairy will always be a nightmare.

  3. Helped with overall smoothness of skin

    I always forgot to take my vitamin C after my other supplements. Around my jaw, I had a lot of small rough bumps & pimples. In one of my school assignments, I read about a woman who would eat lots of citrus for her complexion. I thought, 'I have vitamin C in the fridge, it's the same concept, it shouldn't hurt, right'? Well a few days later I realised that my skin (with the exception of a few pimples) was smooth!! It did help with *some* of the pimples on my jaw but its biggest help was gett
  4. Paired with vitamin A, it's amazing for oily skin

    Paired with vitamin A, it works wonders for oily skin. I started with 800 iu a day but now I take 2000 iu with 10 000 iu vitamin A. My skin used to be so shiny just an hour after washing my face but this has made it more manageable. Also helps with acne but definitely not a cure all. I do take other supplements which collectively have all helped my skin.
  5. Daniece

    Helps with oily skin

    Helps with oily skin

    Last July/August, I started taking GNC's capsules which had 5000 iu vitamin A & 400 iu vitamin D twice a day. It helped a lot with making my skin less oily. Before, my skin used to look so shiny just an hour after washing my face & I used to carry soap to school to wash my face at lunch time. By September I was able to get through the school day without washing my face. Sometimes I just need to blot with a tissue. It didn't make my skin 'dry' though. I'd still say I have oily skin but it
  6. Daniece

    Broke me out

    Broke me out

    I made the mistake of using this as a spot treatment & later all over my face (diluted in another oil) a few months ago. Broke me out in painful cysts on the chin, jaw, cheek & even at the side of my brows (near my forehead) & I never break out there. I hated this thing.
  7. Daniece

    Good spot treatment

    Good spot treatment

    I use this specifically on pimples that have a whitehead since it somehow brings everything to the surface, & on popped pimples. I've tried using all over my face but I didn't like the feel of it. I don't believe this clogged my pores though.
  8. Ok so thank God my skin has been clearing up!! :smileys_n_people_97::smileys_n_people_115: I have a few pimples (about 4-5) but a little BP followed by Dan's AHA were able to bring them to a head. I still have a decent amount of hyperpigmentation though. The BP, while it has helped clear my skin tremendously seems to leave darker marks :/ The marks used to heal a lot more quickly when I used hemp oil, but I haven't used that in about a week. I've come to the conclusion that it wasn't a main cause for my breakout last week, so I might reconsider using it as my moisturiser during the day... maybe.

    Anyway, my bad breakout last week I believe was due to:

    1. My pizza diet - too much dairy is no bueno for me. My skin can tolerate small amounts in cake, cookies & other snacks, but things like ice cream or cheese break me out on my jaw & cheeks.
    2. The new BP I was using - I've since returned to my old Clearasil which dries out my skin but keeps me relatively clear.
    3. Washing my face only twice a day - I'd read on this site that twice should be the maximum, but when it came time to wash my face at night, my face would be sooo oily & (upcoming tmi) I'd have oozing whiteheads :smileys_n_people_76: Also, I could feel new bumps forming my the end of the day. I've since returned to washing 3 times a day.

    Because of my hyperpigmentation, I've been looking into ways to cover it during the day. I do use Clinique Even Better foundation but that's more for special occasions since it's kind of heavy & I live in a hot climate. I'm really looking for something lighter. For that reason, I bought Garnier's bb cream for oily skin since I saw mixed-positive reviews & it's supposed to give medium-ish coverage. I'm really hoping it doesn't break me out *fingers crossed* 

  9. I feel so frustrated. A week ago & I had pretty clear skin after more than a decade of acne. In addition to my supplements, peanut free & (mainly) dairy free diet, I was using Clearasil's 10% bp which surprisingly cleared me up but made my skin so dry & very itchy :smileys_n_people_15: I would moisturise with hemp oil after which helped the dryness but i just didn't like the feeling of oil on my face.

    I ordered a 2.5% bp off amazon (Dr Song brand) since I read that 2.5 & 10% bp have the same effects on acne, but the lower concentration is less irritating. About 9 days ago I got a lactic acid peel & facial at the aesthetician & I also started using the new bp followed by my hemp oil. Days later i started noticing lots of little white heads. I didn't think much of it since that usually happens a few days after I get a peel or facial but then they go away. The 'little whiteheads' pretty soon turned into big whiteheads.

    I don't understand what's happening. Why all of a sudden is my skin doing this? I don't know whether to attribute it to
    1. the new bp
    2. the hemp oil (I've been using this off & on for months but still can't figure out if it breaks me out)
    3. my diet (remember early on when I said 'mainly dairy free'? I've been eating some snacks that contain milk but they're usually lower down in the ingredient list)
    4. my stress level (does stress really even cause acne? I'm still dealing with uni exams right now)

    I recently cut both the hemp oil & new bp & went back to my Clearasil 10% bp just to see if it clears me back up. Also, 2 days ago I started incorporating dan's AHA into my skincare routine. I'm really anxious to see some sort of results. I'm fed up with the acne.

    PS: most of my acne is on my jaw (4-6 pimples) and cheeks (1-3 pimples). I never ever break out on my nose, my forehead might get a pimple once in a blue moon but it's not like the ones on my jaw or cheek. I've always been convinced my acne is hormonal but i just don't know anymore
  10. After years of eating peanut butter with my breakfast every morning, I realised it was a big cause of the pimples on my jaw. The breakouts were even worse when I ate peanuts. I haven't had peanut products in months & I've definitely had less breakouts I haven't tried any other nut butters as I'm too scared of what effects it would have on my skin.
  11. Hello!! Usually I brew a cup of green tea, drink the tea, then rub the tea bag on my face. It has a tightening effect on my skin & I really think it makes my face a lot less oily compared to if I just washed my face & left it bare. Honestly, I can't really say whether it has really helped my acne as I still drink apple cider vinegar & apply it topically to face once a day then usually wash it off, & sometimes apply lime juice topically & then wash it off. The green tea is
  12. Hi, I recently started using lime juice on my acne marks. I started 3 days ago & the marks on my cheeks are fading slowing. I usually just wash my face, use witch hazel as a toner then apply the lime juice, leave it on for 20-30 minutes then rinse off with water. Also I heard about using the inside of banana peels to fade marks & also to prevent new acne & some people had really really good results with that. Good luck!
  13. Amazing!

    I've had acne since I was 11-12 (I'm 19 now) & I've tried all sorts of over the counter cleansers, astringents etc. I started going to the dermatologist a few years ago & was put on tetracycline tablets & deriva c gel. They controlled my acne a little but I still got some pretty bad breakouts from time to time. I got taken off the tablets (but I am currently still on deriva c) about a year ago & after a while my acne came back. No matter what I tried, my face always had at least
  14. Daniece



    I've had acne since I was 11-12 (I'm 19 now) & I've tried all sorts of over the counter cleansers, astringents etc. I started going to the dermatologist a few years ago & was put on tetracycline tablets & deriva c gel. They controlled my acne a little but I still got some pretty bad breakouts from time to time. I got taken off the tablets (but I am currently still on deriva c) about a year ago & after a while my acne came back. No matter what I tried, my face always had at least